Derogatory Ad featuring Congressman Kucinich (video)

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Pizza Hut Ad Trashes Dennis Kucinich


See the Pizza Hut Pizza Mia “No Debate” Election Ad and Find Out What all the Talk is About. Added: December 27, 2007

Dennis Kucinich (the ORIGINAL UNOFFICIAL Page)

Derogatory Ad featuring Congressman Kucinich

Watch the video (above). Then, PLEASE email your feedback at the following link, copy and paste:

I wrote the following:
I am going to encourage all Kucinich supporters to boycott your restaurant until you change your “debate” advertising. That was a low blow to a viable, electable presidential candidate. Consider the word OUT! I also think Pizza Hut should publicly apologize to the Congressman!


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27 thoughts on “Derogatory Ad featuring Congressman Kucinich (video)

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  2. My Uncle was a 40 year employee at LTV and he lost his pension and healthcare. Dennis has never and will never come through.

    The unions, which get Dennis elected were the ones that screwed their “brothers and sisters” by not negotiating in good faith with LTV. As a result the company went out of business.

    He will never learn…

  3. Brett, “never”?

    Here’s his voting record: Dennis Kucinich

    Kucinich Wants LTV Top Management Fired
    Thousands Of Employees Could Lose Jobs
    POSTED: 4:57 pm EST November 20, 2001

    Steel Crisis – Efforts in Cleveland

    “Congressman Kucinich has fought hard to help Cleveland-area workers affected by the steel crisis. During the recent negotiations between LTV and the United Steelworkers of America, The Congressman worked to make sure that LTV jobs and the pensions of current and former LTV retirees remained intact. He met numerous times with LTV Chairman William H. Bricker and urged him to negotiate in good faith with the Steelworkers and LTV’s creditors towards an agreement that preserved the jobs and benefits of employees. When LTV filed motions in bankruptcy court to cancel existing labor and retiree agreements, Congressman Kucinich spoke out against the use of threats in the negotiating process by filing a motion on behalf of LTV workers objecting to LTV’s actions. The efforts of the Congressman and others paid off: LTV and the United Steelworkers of America reached an agreement recently that preserves the retirement benefits of current employees. This agreement has been approved by a bankruptcy judge.

  4. Do not under any circumstances equate Dennis with Jesus. Dennis has a horrendous record as a public servant. He has never come through on a promise, ask the LTV workers. Dennis promised that he would help them keep their jobs.

    I’m embarassed to say that I was once represented by Dennis. What a nightmare.

  5. Looks like http://seattletimes has also picked up this story, although no link to my blog post or to H/t: Nadia_

    “Operators of several Web sites who admire the Ohio congressman are
    urging readers to complain to Pizza Hut. They’re not mad about Kucinich
    being linked to pepperoni; instead, it’s the UFO reference that’s
    giving them indigestion. Kucinich’s response to a question at an
    October debate confirming that he once saw an unidentified flying
    object has brought him considerable publicity.”

  6. Dandi,
    Seems that the big picture for Kucinich is to degrade him on an issue of whether or not “we are alone” in the universe(other’s vs. religion).
    How many pilots, and Astronauts have seen U.F.O.’s(not necessarily saucer’s, just not explainable’s), and have not reported, for the same reason Kucinch is being harangued about? Fear of losing license for pilots, and considered nutjobs for life !
    There are things happening in the Universe(anti-universe, ying/yang ?) that “we” have no knowledge about, only theories, which may or may not be correct.

    Use your purse strings if you wish, the only legal and sense-able weapon that human being have left.

  7. It’s a shame that the candidate who offers America it’s absolute best chance to restore itself and progress for the good everyone is apparently too much of a threat to corporate America that it feels the need to attempt to discredit him. Being that he carries a reputation of integrity, courage, and a solid voting record and career to back his words they are hard pressed at the task. What’s more of a shame is that people accept what these corporates want them to think – to all of our disadvantage.

  8. Sam, I think maybe you feel that way but to say “every” is going a bit too far. Calling names doesn’t help your cause of discrediting Kucinich’s campaign for presidency.

    How about some facts? I’m guessing you disagree with his platform, or do you even know what it is?

  9. Hmmm, one person’s “nut job” could be another person’s savior. Seems to me that a great many Romans and Jews thought a man named Jesus was a “nut job” in his day about 2000 years ago.

    All too often those who are intelligent and utilize forethought appear loony and/or insane to the masses until enough of the laggards of humanity eventually catch up.

  10. I agree that the commecial is not innocuous, and designed to subtly undermine Kuciniches credibility.
    This seems obvious by the fact that the out of context clips of the othe debating candidates are offering encouraging words to the public.
    I must add, as well, that the only people I know who hav NOT seen UFOs here in Texas, are people who ae not watching the night skies on a regular basis.
    Check out Long John Hunter’s version of “The Marfa Lights” by Texan Tommy Hancock on,
    Also, f or Dave, above, if Kucinich and Paul ae ‘nut jobs’I would athe vote for an honest and caring ‘nut job’ as you call them , than a murdering lying, bought and sold corporate thug.Actually, Kucinich seems to me to be the only truly sane and serious candidate.In all this fol-de- rol hollywood baloney that passes for a free election, that puts him at a disadvantage in politics, but I still think he can win, and I encouage everyone I
    know to vote for him.I also encouage everyone to go look at the stars, if they are lucky enough to be able to get far away enough from city light pollution to see them on a clear night. While you are out there,
    please offer a prayer fo Mr Kucinich and for me, and we
    will all then have at least that much.-Deb

  11. You can delete my posts all you want. Your boy Dennis is still an idiot!

    I guess I’m going to go and look for UFO’s now and eat my Pizza Hut Pizza!

  12. This commercial could actually work for him! Everybody in the nation by now knows about the UFO remarks. One way Pizza Hut can apologize – Come out with new Vegan Supreme Pizza and have Dennis and Elizabeth be the first to try it. If they could be on a commercial, more people will see them. Another way Pizza Hut can make them happy is to provide low priced pizzas when they stop there on the campaign trail and pizzas for Kucinich offices. Now isn’t everybody here glad this commmercial happened?!

  13. As a Kucinich constituent, I am not sorry for the exposure. As a Yum-Brands stockholder, I am not intimidated by your little boycott suggestion. Quit your crying.

  14. maybe he should start delivering pizzas and start taking advantage of Pizza Hut’s free advertising.

  15. There is indeed no debate. The things are a farce, and Kucinich has won everyone he has been in.

    To indicate what a farce it is was that fact that Kucinich was asked the question he was and he turned it to his advantage.

  16. Give me a break. Kucinich should be glad he is the capper for this commercial — consider this extra air-time and a few extra votes, maybe then.

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