Alison Weir: Israeli vs Palestinian Deaths Reported (video; 2006)

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Like most Americans, Alison Weir, the editor of a small-town newspaper in California, knew very little about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, other than what she had gleaned from the evening news or newspaper headlines. As a journalist, her attention was on issues much closer to home. Neither a Muslim nor a Jew, she nevertheless became more curious about the topic of the Palestinian uprising. And as she researched it, she became increasingly suspicious that the American media were not telling us the whole story. Months later, she traveled to the occupied territories as an independent journalist to find out for herself what the U.S. media seemed to be omitting. Three months after returning from Palestine, Alison Weir quit her job and founded If Americans Knew, an organization dedicated to quantifying the ways in which the American media was misinforming the public about the conflict. Ms. Weir explains her group’s methodology, analyzes the data, and reports on the key findings. Producers: Paul Chek and John Odam (2006)

Alternate Focus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational media group promoting an alternative view of Middle East issues.

Dish Network, Free Speech TV, Channel 9415, Saturdays at 8:00pm EST

Added: December 28, 2007

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  3. I have to apologize to you. I read this when I was half asleep and thought it was a criticism of Allison Weir, although Ms.Weir has been criticized nevertheless elsewhere.

    Thank you for speaking out and again, my apologies. Keep speaking!

  4. As a Jew, I feel I must speak out, therefore I post these videos and other blogs on this topic. It’s obscene what the Israeli govt is doing. Many Israeli Jews do speak out, too.

  5. To say that Alison Weir knows nothing about the horrifying atrocities happening to the Palestinian people although it is well-documented even by Israeli human rights organizations, is tantamount to saying that one cannot know what happened in concentration camps 65 years ago because they were not physiclaly there athough that seems to be well-documented as well.

    Unfortunately, our media here in the states is not honest and if one reads an Israeli paper, they can have a much better knowledge of what is happening than any paper in the United States. Most Israeli papers are very liberal, including one popular Russian daily newspaper who actually ran an article entitled “How To Make Them Leave” (referring to the Palestinian Arab population) by threatening castration. Yes, you can read everything in an Israeli paper!

    I have formerly lived in Israel and witnessed with my own eyes the treatment of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel in this allegedly democratic society who are subjected to racist laws and policies. It was this that actually deterred me from remaining in Israel as it would be unthinkable to choose to take up residence in a country where I would reside as a supreme being over others simply because they did not meet the racist criteria of of who is Jewish according to Israeli law. It would be unthinkable that I could have citizenship to this place while Palestinian refugees, the indigenous people of the land, are refused their right of return based on the fact that they are not Jewish, and were expelled for that very reason.

    Therefore, I must totally concur with Ms. Weir. Her background should not make any difference in having knowledge of the facts.

    For those organizations and people who are of Jewish background and do speak out, they are usually dismissed as being “self-hating Jews” anyway, very much the same way that decent German citizens were accused of being “self-hating Germans” for their refusal to remain silent.

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