At the end of the breath at the bottom of the pool by The Other Katherine Harris (Bhutto)

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Dec. 28, 2007

What we have here, as witness Benazir’s slaughter, seems to be the last stand of normal people (give or take a few local quirks like the foofy head-dress). She was called “Pinky” at college and every college in the hippie days had one of those exemplars of a resolutely sunny outlook, pink being then construed as the opposite of black, a destructive grimness. So-called “pink” people were much admired. This was the optimism she spoke of in a recent interview so often and heartbreakingly replayed today.

Despite the string of family catastrophes that followed her university career, she kept hoping more ardently than most and longer — and duly she became the hope of millions; some say the only hope that existed for Pakistan. An excellent analysis, the best I’ve seen so far, is here. The author, Ahmed Rashid, speaks of her bravery in strongly condemning the fundamentalist freaks threatening their mutual country (something Musharraf would never do with equal severity) and of her more sustained rift with the money-gorged militarist freaks, who also deemed her too secular, too worldly, but really feared her because she saw smack through them and spoke for normal Pakistanis who wanted both sorts of pushy fascists to bloody back off and let people live sensibly and amicably.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t at all hard to imagine our country in like extremis. I’d say we’re only inches away. Here the theocrats and other militants speak more guilefully, but they’re exactly the same factions arrayed against us regular folk and our will to Just Plain Sense and Tolerance.

Within a very short span of years, while we weren’t paying close attention, NUTS took over the world: some nuts who actually believe their own bullshit and other nuts who milk it for greed’s sake. They’ve got a symbiotic machine going now, in which normal people are worse than useless; we grit the gears and should be exterminated. Raise your hand to say, “Hey, stop this idiocy,” and — well, look at Benazir: the reasonable, normal woman; the last great Pakistani hope turned corpse.

We, too, may have only one chance left for a resumption of politics based on common sense and goodwill. I think it’s Edwards. If corporate media can’t do the job by ignoring or smearing him, the freaks in charge may well off him, too. Okay, yeah, for all the Kucinich die-hards, he stands for the same things; he just doesn’t present the same threat to those shaping reality for their benefit.

Can anybody under 50 even grasp what life was when normal people could take a general normalcy of experience for granted, before these evil freaks upended everything, started robbing us blind and made gibberish of all the finest words? If not, just please believe me now and act to save yourselves — or you and your children will soon be exactly where they want you: permanently intimidated and enslaved.


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