Greg Palast: 3 Minute Egg (video; Iraq; 2004)

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 “Greg Palast: The Most Important Investigative Reporter You’ve Never Heard Of.” Journalist Greg Palast rakes the filthiest muck of globalization, corporate cons, and high-finance fraudsters in daily newspapers and on nightly national TV…in England! Although he was born and raised in Southern California, Palast’s consistently shocking reports rarely breach the wall corporate media has gradually built around the American people. As Noam Chomsky puts it, Palast upsets all the right people. However, the film Fahrenheit 9/11, which derived some of its factual ammunition from Palast’­s book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, offered Americans a glimpse of his investigations.

On Mother’s Day 2004, Palast addressed a crowd of several hundred in San Diego. Utilizing documentary evidence and a witty delivery, Palast’s oration on the truth behind the War on Terror and the Iraq War will both alarm and entertain viewers.

Producer Aaron Seeley

Added: December 28, 2007


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