Exclusive: The Benazir Bhutto assassination by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Dec 28, 2007

Are we perhaps all to quick to jump on the US government line that “an enemy of the US” was responsible for the death of Benazir Bhutto.

Bush in the words that have become the ‘broken record’ that has become all too tiresome of his reign referring to those responsible for the assassination, words that in any other circumstance would clearly refer to his own administration when he calmly utters, “murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy.”

The FBI were immediately on the case with spokesman Richard Kolko who claimed the FBI “continues to work with our U.S. intelligence community partners reviewing the Al Qaeda claims for responsibility for any intelligence value. The validity of those claims are undetermined.”

It’s really considerate of those boys at the Al Qaeda network to wrap up the investigation so neatly for the boys in the Whitehouse so they can continue their murderous campaign against the innocent civilians in Afghanistan unhindered.

Two people that had threatened to kill her, according to the Times, “Baitullah Mehsud, a top militant commander fighting the Pakistani Army in South Waziristan, who has ties to al-Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban.”


“Haji Omar, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, who is also from South Waziristan and fought with the Afghan Mujahidin against the Soviets in Afghanistan.”

What we should remind ourselves of constantly is that The Al Qaeda network was created by the CIA and financed by the US and the Taliban fought against the soviets with CIA backing.

It should be remembered also that these organisations fall in and out of favour with the US administrations as often as the wind changes direction. Compare the current “Knights of Almeriya” part of the Baghdad Brigade Sunni militia who are now Armed and funded by the American forces who were shown on British TV only last week to show the unity we have now achieved between us. These were until recently ‘insurgents’ who murdered and maimed allied forces, but now they are good terrorists because they are our terrorists, so we can now issue them with AK-47’s to maim and murder anyone they choose. One can only speculate whatever other murderous equipment we have gleefully handed over to them in our pursuit of the so called “hearts and mind” propaganda.

However they do go on to make some further inferences that point the finger further into Pakistani government thus:


“Analysts say that President Musharraf is unlikely to have ordered her assassination, but that elements of the Army and intelligence service stood to lose money and power if she became prime minister. The ISI includes some Islamists who became radicalised while running the American-funded campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan and were opposed to her on principle. Saudi Arabia is also thought to have frowned on Ms Bhutto as being too secular and Westernised and to have favoured Nawaz Sharif, another former Prime Minister.”

Why were we in Afghanistan to begin with? Weren’t we chasing that nasty troglodyte on the kidney dialysis machine who was far to preoccupied with the downfall of the imperialist infidels? Wouldn’t it really upset the applecart if some information had come to light that Bin Laden was no longer a threat anymore? Wouldn’t it mean that the Billions being gleamed off by the Bush/Cheney Coop and such philanthropically inclined organisations as Halliburton, the Carlyle group et al would all be faced with the cessation of the cash cow that is Afghanistan, and lets not forget that pretty much all of the US population was duped into believing there was some conspiratorial connection between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein who plotted to destruction of the US between them (never mind the fact that they were sworn enemies who publicly issued death threats against each other)

On 2nd November 2007 in an interview with Sir David Frost Benazir Bhutto specifically mentions the name “Omar sheiqh” and she claims he is “the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.”

Wouldn’t that mean that the British and American troops should now be brought home from Afghanistan and Iraq as a result? That would really upset the money merry-go-round for Big business that those countries represent, wouldn’t it?

See: Frost over the World: Benazir Bhutto 02 Nov 07 (video; bin Laden)

Scroll the video toward the sixth minute to hear her make the statement.

All throughout the mainstream media we are seeing finger pointing at Al Qaeda, Musharraf, Saudi Arabia, and the usual suspects, little realising that all these suspects are in fact tied inseparably to the US anyway.

Still all the while we are pushing for the Pakistan elections to go ahead on January the 8th anyway. Would it just be really silly of me to ask the question…why? Who’s in the running?

Maybe we should stand back for a moment and look not just at the finger that is pointing, but at the whole hand and see exactly where the other three fingers on the hand are pointing.

Trevor Murphy


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