Attention Democrat Voters: Who’s Electable? (video)

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Actions speak louder than words. Added: December 27, 2007

h/t: After Downing Street


Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo

How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson

Caucus for Kucinich!

Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!


2 thoughts on “Attention Democrat Voters: Who’s Electable? (video)

  1. It’s hard to respond to comments like your’s, coldfire, because you didn’t say much but you have written him off before the first vote has been made, I ask why?

    Are you familiar with his platform?

    Do you agree with his platform?

    Why allow your opinion to be made by the mainstream media?

    Take it upon yourself to vote for who you really want, no matter which candidate in the primary and/or caucus in your state. Most people choose not to participate.

    Please vote.

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