BBC Censors Benazir Bhutto in Frost Interview (video)

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Incredibly the BBC removes all reference to the “Man who murdered Bin Laden” WHY?

Guilty of censoring the NEWS, THIS is how the Media controlls the masses, subtle changes and omissions.

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Added: December 30, 2007


Frost over the World: Benazir Bhutto 02 Nov 07 (video; bin Laden)

Benazir Bhutto named her assassins almost two months ago by Rev. Richard Skaff

6 thoughts on “BBC Censors Benazir Bhutto in Frost Interview (video)

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  5. I am not surprised at all. This is not the first time that BBC has done censorships. It has always been doing this and will continue to do so. The same goes for most newsoulets, the worst being , AMERICAN MEDIA. They are installed and established for the sole purpose of MISLEADING, DECEIVING and INDOCTRINATING the masses in order to control them.But thank God, people are waking up

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