Rock the Vote: To Iowans for Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Paul & Gore by Brent Budowsky

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by Brent Budowsky
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You read it here before Iowa and New Hampshire: The pundits will proclaim 2008 The Year Of The Political Independent that will advantage Barack Obama and John McCain, and disadvantage Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

First, what I advocate; then, my predictions.

The great realignment is at hand, and it is anti-Washington, anti-establishment and anti-Bush, with the potential outcome of the next FDR- and JFK-style eras —a progressive centrist alliance between progressive Democrats and political independents electing a reformist president and Congress.

If the last shall be first, Dennis Kucinich has fired the first cannon by urging his supporters in Iowa to vote with Barack Obama, and if the supporters of Biden, Dodd, Richardson and Gore, and the Democrats for Ron Paul, take this course and rock the vote for Obama or Edwards in Iowa, the revolution begins.

The proposition in Iowa is simple: The Iowa caucus is now a referendum, yes or no, on whether the Democratic nominating process is declared over, before it begins in earnest, with the insider establishment coronating its candidate, Hillary Clinton, or whether the real campaign begins with a reformist victory in Iowa that sets loose powerful forces for true change.

Jan. 3 in Iowa will be the Lexington and Concord of our times, and in this year of the political independent the issue will be decided by the most disenfranchised, disrespected and disempowered groups in American politics, who are:

Progressive Democrats who hunger for a leadership of principle and courage in the battle against the worst president in our times, and any times, and political independents, who are fed up with the demeaning negativity corruptions and gridlock of our age, and who are 70 percent united with progressives against the hallmarks of the Bush years.

To young people especially, do not let the “grown-ups” disenfranchise you by deliberately scheduling the caucus on a date they think you will be away on college break. Shame on them, power to you.

Rock the vote: Come back by plane, train, bus or foot. It is your country and your future; you can change the world. You will have a story to tell for a lifetime and historians will write about what you do.

To supporters of Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich and Gore, and Democrats in Iowa for Ron Paul: Ignore the insiders, because they are wrong. As Democrats will gather on a cold Iowa night, in a razor-thin campaign, you have the votes to light a fire that will change America, and leave the insiders commenting with awe about what you do.

Here is why I urge supporters of Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich and Gore and Democrats for Ron Paul, to walk into the Iowa caucus and cast your votes for either Edwards or Obama, which will change American history and keep hope alive for your Number One candidate.


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6 thoughts on “Rock the Vote: To Iowans for Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Paul & Gore by Brent Budowsky

  1. Treva, it’s a political move. His supporters still need to vote for him on the first ballot. But if he doesn’t receive 15% min then he asks them to vote for Obama. Personally, I would go “undecided” if that were the case. However, Kucinich didn’t ask me for my opinion. Oh, well.

    It’s complicated.

    But please realize he is in this race and has not conceded like many of the rumors are saying across the Internet.

  2. So, it’s true about Kucinich calls to his supporters to ask them to vote for Barak? I thought, an impersonator for Barak was doing that, what with the dirty campaign ploys coming from the Barak and Hillary campaign squads.

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