Kucinich on Tucker 1.02.08 (video)

Hmm, if I remember correctly at least in my county we could have someone else vote for us in the caucus if we couldn’t physically attend the meeting. It had to be signed and maybe notarized, but I can’t remember. I can find out easily though as my former husband runs the elections in our county and is also a Democratic Committee person for his ward. ~ Lo

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Dennis Kucinich wants you to vote for Barack Obama!

January 02, 2008 MSNBC TUCKER


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2 thoughts on “Kucinich on Tucker 1.02.08 (video)

  1. Here’s an example of Kucinich’s weakness as a politician. Carlson asked him *why* Obama a few times, Kucinich didn’t answer the question seemingly because of his concern to make sure people understand he’s serious about HIS candidacy. All he offered was some vague comment about Obama being genuine. He didn’t take the opportunity to explain why Edwards rhetoric being ostensibly closer to his own is illusory or less meaningful than something else (what?).

    Those first two answers were stiff and scripted, and the whole interview Dennis just doesn’t seem very candid. Tucker kept throwing bones and he delayed a while and didn’t even realize till the very end to bring up his opposition to party bosses (there was room to jump into that much earlier). He didn’t use his time on the show effectively.

    Ahh, goodness bless the man but he just doesn’t seem to have very strong political chops. Someone close to him should be giving him better advice. He doesn’t need feel-good comments… I feel like Dennis is serious about wanting to lead this country progressively. I think these major kinks are disastrous for the current campaign. I’d really like to see them get worked out for the future.

    Of course I would be delighted to find out all the conventional wisdom and common reactions to him are false. That those TEST results in New Hampshire turn out to have been foreshadowing the truth (though that Esquire article–It’s Kucinich Time! By Scott Raab certainly didn’t make it sound like he had overwhelming support in NH)… but I also require sober-mindedness on myself on these issues. That’s important to me.

    This “unelectable” garbage is vague and shorthand, in Kucinich’s case, for his lack of political strengths… there are very real things he needs to be working on. Please! Someone close to him… get it through to him somehow. How can we help Dennis think quicker and take better advantage of his time on mainstream media?

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