Kucinich Sues Texas Democratic Party for Exclusion From Ballot

Question: Is Ron Paul on the ballot in Texas? Wouldn’t he also have to sign an oath to support the Republican nominee if he doesn’t receive it? ~ Lo

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AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 3

Willie Nelson signs on as co-plaintiff

The Kucinich for President campaign is filing a lawsuit against the Texas Democratic Party to stop the Party from excluding Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich from the Democratic primary election ballot. A co-plaintiff in the lawsuit is legendary entertainer, longtime Kucinich friend, and Texas voter, Willie Nelson.

The state party notified the Kucinich campaign today that its application for a place on the Texas primary ballot was rejected because Kucinich refused to “swear an oath” to “fully support the Democratic nominee for President, whoever that shall be.”

The lawsuit, and an accompanying request for a temporary restraining order, charges that such a “blind loyalty oath” is a violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Except for Kucinich’s refusal to sign the “blind loyalty oath,” his application fully complies with state and state party requirements, according to the lawsuit.

Nelson issued a statement through the Kucinich campaign explaining his position:

“Dennis Kucinich is a strong defender of the Constitution, the national security, and the civil liberties of the American people. He’s right to challenge a blind loyalty oath to the Democratic Party because it’s un-American. The irony is that the state Party is trying to exclude him from the ballot even though he’s the one Democrat who’s been the most loyal to this country and to what the Democratic Party should stand for. Dennis’s loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States and to the American people — not to the Texas Democratic Party.”

The campaign is awaiting word from the U.S. District Court as to when arguments will be heard for the requested temporary restraining order.

SOURCE Dennis 4 President in 2008!

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10 thoughts on “Kucinich Sues Texas Democratic Party for Exclusion From Ballot

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  3. It’s beyond infuriating, I’m almost catatonic that Dennis would be off the ballot in Texas and out of debates. And as if he didn’t have enough to do than waste time suing his own party in that state of lone-star stupidity.

    It’s like extortion: ‘Agree to support who we choose to rule, or you don’t get to play’

    How this could come to pass in this day and age baffles me to the point of utter torpor. I want to curl up in my comforters and wake me in time for the next texan-sponsored war (or when that inevitable war is over– have to see that Moyers on the evangelical zionist Hagee dispensationalists who want to Nuke Iran to aid the second coming http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/11302007/watch.html only in friggin’ TEXAS!).

    I don’t understand why debates are run by corporate news, and allowed to exclude at will. I don’t understand why Dennis should have to sue Texas democrats to get on the ballot (surely Paul has no problem there with his party? Does anyone think for a minute Paul would back rude rudy if he won the goppers? I couldnt imagaine! But that’s just conjecture on my part)

    It’s a big state, and excluding Dennis from the ballot is a form of rigging. Excluding Dennis from debates is censorship.

    If after 2000 & 2004 the people will stand for more electoral malarkey, then more fuel to my newfound conviction that the people just don’t care!

    Texas democrats, after having managed to lose their Anne “hang ‘em high” Richards to Butch in the first place, and having allowed the creation of this greed-based, believer-cult (and every other kind of crazy cult) of evangelical miscreants and inflicted this insane culture that the bushes represent on the world, should be doing everything in it’s possible power to open up options for democracy, not further shut them down!

    I think Texas should secede, and take it’s crazy cultist gun-slingin’ bush-believers and election censurers and ron paul maniacs, and every other corrupted, twisted, red-state, redneck greed-worshiping institutionalized macho cult of blind-believer shallowness and lizard-skin-booted, star-studded stupidity (including Neiman Friggin Marcus), and keep it to themselves!

    This idea that texan culture is so dominant in the USA for so long is nauseating. I usually hate to generalize, but having dealt with enough texans, I can safely say it’s a really bad place, with really bad people, and they breed badness in their maniacal beliefs, and I want them to go away, and keep their bad culture to themselves!

    I think there is no redeeming value to that unlivable desert of anti-environmentalist cowboys.
    Molly Ivins did such a heroic job of exposing the hideous nature of the good ‘ol boy texans.
    And to think the best the Texan democrats could do was Anne Richards (rip, sorry Ann, you were up against some seriously twisted male minds down there!).

    Of all the red states, Texas is one that I want to see again the least.

  4. PTTV, I don’t think any candidate should be off the ballot in any state. Just like I don’t think anyone should be excluded from the corporate run debates that are televised.

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  7. Disgraceful. I received a letter from Howard Dean today saying that “the democratic party has never been healthier” – who are they trying to fool?
    Go Willie!! *Love you* and your song “What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth”? We saw him sing it on video at the state DK meetup. Seeing Willie and DK together – that gives me hope. We need to keep behind them – with strength and resolve we can “take back America”. Bless you Wille!

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  9. We haven’t been calling the elitists in the Dem. party “Republicrats” for nothing. Once again, they show their fascist fangs!
    If people aren’t catching on to the fact that some dirty hard-ball activities are going on with the leaders of both major parties and with the “K”orporate media, then maybe it’s because they watch too much TV and rely too much on the ad papers (mistakenly called “newspapers”).

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