Ron Paul on Larry King Live 01.02.08 + MSNBC Interview (videos)

Heard from a couple different people that the Larry King interview was not aired last night.  ~ Lo

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GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul talks about his campaign for the White House.
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January 03, 2008

MSNBC: Ron Paul interviewed on Countdown to Iowa (1/02/08)

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Amy Robach interviews Ron Paul on MSNBC’s Countdown to Iowa.

One day before the Iowa Caucus!


Ron Paul on CNN’s American Morning 1-3-08 (video)

Ron Paul: Wolf Blitzer Interview On Jan. 2, 2008 (video)

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Larry King Live 01.02.08 + MSNBC Interview (videos)

  1. Suppose I have shoes, and they are falling apart if they aren’t repaired. I can’t afford what the shoe repairman wants. Without my right to free shoe repair, there goes my right to property.

  2. Suppose I am sick and dying, because I need a new kidney. The only available kidney that’s compatible is from my next door neighbor. Without my right to my neighbor’s kidney, there goes my right to life.

  3. Here’s how stupid social darwinism is in the context of a country founded on the three organic rights listed in the Declaration of Independence. Paul says there is no right to health care. Then he says there is a right to life. Suppose I am sick and dying, but I cannot afford health care. Without a right to health care, there goes my right to life. Moreover, I cannot be free if I am burdened by curable sickness that cannot be treated because I am unable to pay for care. I cannot be happy if I am burdened by curable sickness that cannot be treated because I am poor. Medicine – like food, shelter, and clothing – is a means to achieving the organic rights recognized by our founding fathers. Without means, rights go unrealized.

    When Paul took an oath to become a physician, he swore to make the good of the patient his highest priority. Yet he sets property before person, violating the fundamental tenet of the pledge he said to become a doctor. He’s an embarrassment to the medical profession.

  4. This man is so full of crap I feel embarrassed for people who support him.

    50 years ago many more people were poor than today as a proportion of the population. It’s a fact. In 1950, 33 percent of the population was poor. By 1970, that figure had been reduced to somewhere around 12 percent. With cuts in public assistance, the percentage of the population living in poverty has been creeping up.

    50 years ago, a much greater proportion of people went without or had to go with substandard health care than today.

    Before Social Security, the elderly represented the largest proportion of those living in poverty. Today they are the smallest proportion. Social Security is not going broke. It’s the most successful government program in the history of the country. Indeed, it supports other government activities.

    Health care for the elderly is head and shoulders superior to what it was before the government got involved in health care.

    Anybody who studies these issues knows these facts. Paul was alive then and brags about being a doctor so either he’s a life-long ignoramus who only served wealthy white people and spent weekends in a charity hospital or he is suffering from senile dementia or he is a liar. The “ors” could be “ands,” as it seems to me to be a little of the former two and a lot of the latter one.

    This ideology Paul spews is the most heartless point of view short of beating the poor and sick to death. He’s a social Darwinist. His point of view is what we describe in criminology as sociopathic.

  5. We must ask why in the hell CNN didn’t run Ron Paul’s segment on Larry King “Live” last night??? I think they were worried that he looked too good in the interview. He was really solid.

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