Blackout of Kucinich, Hiring of Falsifier Kristol, NY Times Loses Credibility Protecting the Insane by Jay Janson

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by Jay Janson
January 4, 2008

The US newspaper of record, displayed in all libraries and used by students in junior high, high school, college and university is as much a corporate whore as are the sordid sex, crime, and scandals featuring news tabloids.

They all monger war for the giant corporate governance of America, now openly led by the industrial-military complex of conglomerates with interconnected interests and ownership control interlocked with the big six that own the TV channels and radio stations.

Presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich is making himself a corporate governance troublemaker, having introduced bills of impeachment and speaking out unequivocally in favor of ending the wars of occupation.

Dec. 30, 2007, NY Times prints across the open pages 16 – 17 photos of Democratic and Republican candidates under the title: “After a Long Campaign, Issues Emerge and Presidential Candidates Shape Their Stances” Candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s name and photo is amazingly just plain missing, and not even a mention of his ‘stances’, though each and every other candidate is covered in detail!

Damn! Can one call the NY Times and complain? No, not since many years.

Well, how ’bout calling the Federal Elections Commission? No. In the US there is ‘free press’. The Times is ‘free’ to eliminate from consideration anyone it pleases. The TV channels previously eliminated anti-Vietnam War Senator candidate Mike Gravel from the debates. On his last permitted debate Gravel said, “they died, and they are dying now, in vain!” The last time your author called the FEC to ask how the commission could have accepted Ralph Nader, a bonafide federal funds receiving candidate, being blocked from participation in TV debates, there was at least a nervous response, “Yes, we have some uneasiness about Nader’s exclusion and we intend to look into this more.” That was in back in 2000. America has since progressed in delimiting ‘democratic’ elections.

No! The NY Times says Kucinich is a non-reportable candidate, and that’s that. As the sad saying goes, ‘That’s all she wrote.’ – candidate Chris Dodd (who?), does appear on page 16, with photo and with his not so unique ‘stance’ on each of the listed issues. But then Chris Dodd has not been making waves.

One imagines that the mindless and amorphous monster, the NY Times prostitutes itself for, has heard just about enough of Kucinich’s impeachment bills. The Times has religiously grossly under-reporting the swelling, impeachment movement around the nation. So much for ethical journalism regarding national and domestic affairs in America.


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