Dennis Kucinich: Bill Moyers Journal 01.04.08 (videos)

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More info and transcript: PBS Bill Moyers Journal


Campaign analyst Kathleen Hall Jamieson on life after Iowa. (video)

Do Debates Matter?



Dennis Kucinich on Bill Moyers Journal. January 4th 2008.

Thousands of media outlets descended on Iowa, erecting a powerful wall of TV cameras and reporters between the voters and candidates. Bill Moyers talks with Dennis Kucinich who knows well the power of the press to set expectations and transform the agenda.

January 04, 2008


Blackout of Kucinich, Hiring of Falsifier Kristol, NY Times Loses Credibility Protecting the Insane by Jay Janson

Dennis Kucinich – The Real Democrat (video)

A Call to Action: Candidates Excluded Again from Debates By Manila Ryce


Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Attention Democrats: Who’ll Stand Up for Working Americans? (video)

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  5. It’s not easy to find him and his platform on mainstream media, so that means a lot of people haven’t even heard about Dennis Kucinich.

    Please send a link to this blog to your friends and family. (Just copy the title.)

    Got to get the word out.

  6. I trust this man more than 100%. Too bad people are so brainwashed and warped that they won’t even take the time out of their busy days to watch, listen or comprehend.


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