Iowa Caucus Precinct 21 (videos)

OK, this is how the Iowa Caucus works. Watch these videos. In this precinct of 500+ people attending to be viable the candidate’s group needed 78 people or they have to realign to another group. Only 2 candidates achieved viability (Obama, Edwards). Learn about caucusing, if your state has one coming up. I actually ran one many years ago when I was a committeewoman in my ward. ~ Lo

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Caucus Camera: Precinct 21

This video is a first-hand look at caucusing in Iowa. Over 500 people gathered to choose a candidate on the campus of the University of Iowa.

Funtastic fun and political pandemonium, this video has it all.


Dennis Kucinich: Bill Moyers Journal 01.04.08 (videos)

A Call to Action: Candidates Excluded Again from Debates By Manila Ryce

Dennis Kucinich – The Real Democrat (video)

Attention Democrats: Who’ll Stand Up for Working Americans? (video)

Kucinich on Tucker 1.02.08 (video)

How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson

Caucus for Kucinich!

Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!


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