MIR: Assassinations – Politics As Usual + Who gained from Bhutto’s death? (videos)

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Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan. Lebanon loses two lawmakers in political assassinations. Two governors get killed in Iraq. Is this a new phenomenon? Or is it politics as usual?

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January 04, 2008

Who gained from Bhutto’s death?


More at http://therealnews.com/c.php?c=070926YT

Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf and extremists had the most to gain from assassination

Thursday January 3rd, 2008

Based in New Delhi, Aijaz Ahmad is The Real News Network Senior News Analyst and Senior Editorial Consultant and political commentator for the Indian newsmagazine, Frontline. He has taught Political Science and written widely on South Asia and the Middle East.

Added: January 04, 2008


Bhutto’s Assassination: Who Gains? by F. William Engdahl