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Jan. 5, 2008

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is Dennis Kucinich failed to win the 5th round. Obama beat Dennis 41.71% to 40.34%. The good news is that Dennis wasn’t the candidate who was eliminated. Joe Biden was eliminated in the poll because he dropped out of the race although Biden actually finished ahead of Edwards in the poll. Biden had 9.38% to Edwards 8.68%.

Please vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Presidential Idol poll on who you want to be the Democratic nominee at

from: 940 WINZ

940 WINZ Democratic Presidential Idol
Every week leading up to the January 29 Florida primaries,
we’ll vote one candidate off the show!

Round 1 – Mike Gravel eliminated
Round 2 – Chris Dodd eliminated
Round 3 – Bye Bye Richardson
Round 4 – Shocker! Hillary’s gone!
Round 5 – Following the Iowa Caucus, Joe Biden dropped out of the race, so he’s gone from here too. John Edwards gets a free pass…

Vote now…. Who should be the Democratic nominee?


After I voted:

940 WINZ Democratic Presidential Idol-Round 6
Barack Obama
12.50 %
Dennis Kucinich
56.25 %

John Edwards
31.25 %


Dennis Kucinich – Reclaim America (video)

Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!


Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo

Dennis Kucinich: Bill Moyers Journal 01.04.08 (videos)

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