Dennis Kucinich on Texas Democrats loyalty oath (video no longer available)

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After the Hilary clinton talking points, Dennis Kucinich (D) talks about the Texas Democratic Party ballot loyalty oath.

Kucinich refused to “swear an oath” to “fully support the Democratic nominee for President, whoever that shall be.”

Mentions Fortress Investment Group and John Edwards (D).

Interesting moment as he pulls out the United States Constitution.

Yes the break is for real and there was no more interview.

Added: January 06, 2008

video no longer available


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7 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich on Texas Democrats loyalty oath (video no longer available)

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  3. Wow, he’s so smooth. I just don’t know how he does it.. He either outfoxxed fox, or they really do like him! And he always avoids ‘hyperbole’ (My new favorite word learned on this forum, next to ‘opprobrium’)

    He seems so much more calm and constructive and wise than his counterparts on stage last night.
    Great video– he doesn’t back down for real. GO DENNIS! Thanks for posting this.

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