Kucinich on Neil Cavuto talks about policy/exclusion 1-6-08 (video)

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2 thoughts on “Kucinich on Neil Cavuto talks about policy/exclusion 1-6-08 (video)

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  2. Cavuto mentions for the first time what I suspected, that he likely helped Obama relegate Hillary to the bronze in Iowa.

    Remember that open mike remark by Hillary? She’s clearly behind reducing the ‘field’ at Dennis’s expense… Just rewards!

    Why would Cavuto say that it’s the ‘party’ who doesn’t invite DK to the debates when it’s the media corps who mysteriously shut him out– maybe he was thinking of Texas.

    So cool to finally have something on fox worth watching– (Not that their blatant attempt to bait him into sliming the dems mean’s they’re doing anything in good faith here…)

    I do wonder about this idea that Dennis would have a position in an Obama/Edwards admin-~ Secy of State?

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