Let Dennis Debate! (video)

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“The airwaves belong to the people. They don’t belong to ABC.” Dennis
addressed a lively crowd of supporters at a rally outside the
ABC-sponsored debate at Saint Anselm College on Saturday. ABC has been
widely criticized for its decision to exclude Kucinich from this final
debate before New Hampshire’s primary.

Added: January 06, 2008


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6 thoughts on “Let Dennis Debate! (video)

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  3. No, Dennis wasn’t allowed in to the debate, that’s why they were there protesting. Corporate run media rules our country. Voices of dissent are being silenced. It’s an outrage!

  4. Are they going to let Kucinich debate? and if not, how is he going to be heard? i hear that Ron Paul has the same problem. i’m not voting for him but i would love to see the other canidates squirm the same way they would squirm if Kucinich was in the Dem. debate.

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