Republican Presidential Candidates Debate 1-05-08 (videos)

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January 06, 2008 This is the debate between the Presidential Republican Candidates that aired on 1.05.08 in NH on ABC.


Ron Paul’s replies @ ABC/N.H. debate on 1-05-08 (videos)

Ron Paul @ Fox Debate 1-10-08 (videos)

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  2. Socialism always seems like a great idea, but in practice it doesn’t work. The reason for that is because socialism removes individual initiative, self-respect, dignity, reaping the rewards from our own efforts, the right to choose and taking the consequences of those choices be they good or bad choices. It tells you that someone else knows better than you do about what you need for your individual happiness. Socialism implies that you are too stupid to think for yourself, to make your own choices or to take the consequences for those choices. Socialism destroys personal power. And sure, there are lots of people who would like to crush your personal power because they have something to gain from doing so. Socialism eventually destroys the fabric of a society. The old USSR is a classic example of that. Let’s say you work for a socialist company that does not give you a wage but only makes certain commodities such as food and housing available. Each worker gets the same commodities package regardless of what kind of work they do, of the level of their workload, level of education or expertise, and they get that package whether or not they even show up for work. If you are creatve, work hard, show up, you’ll get exactly what your coworker who doesn’t show up gets or the one who continually does a bad job gets. We want to be fair, after all and give everyone the same share. And of course, the few who are handling distribution of the commodies skim extra for themselves, their friends and families, so now we have corruption that can’t be removed as well. There’s no one to whom you can complain for remedy. What initiative do you have to work in such a system? None. And that’s what the old USSR discovered as they struggled with continual bare shelves and poor production. When the old USSR broke up, for the first time in years individuals were able to own their own farms and what do you know? Food production shot up. Let’s take socialized medicine such as Canada has right now and that US political candidates like to use to garner votes from the poor and campaign contributions from the rich. I have relatives in Canada who have to deal with this system of socialized medicine. Their taxes are outrageus because, to pay for this system, they have to pay extremely high taxes. They have no choice as to whether they want to pay or not. The level of medical care is poor and often they have to wait for care. If they want to choose a different form of health care such as alternative medicine for example, they have to pay out of pocket because that is not a choice that’s available under the system, so choice is not an option. Let’s look at socialism in the USA and take the way welfare in the USA has led to the breakup of famlly structure in welfare families and the removal of individual initiative in those families to take care of themselves. For decades, if a family had a working father, the family could not collect welfare, so the father left the family so the wife could collect welfare. Rather than work, mothers began having baby after baby so they could collect for each child. (The system now pays for one child, but not for subsequent ones.) Even with welfare reform we’re still feeling the outcome of the old welfare system. We have had millions of unfathered children as a result. I suspect that welfare has been a part of what has led to the formation of gangs in areas of poverty, children trying to create a family structure through gangs, but children cannot parent other children. So the intention to help the unfortunate backfired and led to the destruction of poor families and misuse of government money, money that comes out of our pockets. And let’s look at how that money travels in government. As soon as money has to go through the government, by the very nature of bureaucracy, that money is wasted because it has to filter down through so many layers, layers of agencies for this and that, agencies that have no personal accountability and therefore no motivation to be efficient, so that by the time that money reaches the intended target, most of it is gone. I’ll give you an example. Back in 1980s Dole wanted to make an 11 million dollar federal tax increase. In response to Dole’s attempt, the US Chamber of Commerce, a private organization, did a study on government waste and found far more than 11 million dollars in government waste. (That study is documented if you check the library.) The government only had to stop its own waste to cover the 11 million dollars Dole wanted to extract from taxpayers. Did the government curb its waste? No, but at least that tax bill was killed thanks to the study. Socialism says it has a right to your labor, your time, your product whether or not you want to give it and that you don’t need to be paid for it, and certainly don’t need to be paid according to your individual merit. Socialism penalizes talent, intelligence, creativity, hard work and innovation while encouraging sloth, corruption, unproductive dead wood in the system and loss of motivation. History is rife with examples of the failure of socialism, yet there are still people who for various reasons try to resurrect it. Politicians use it to try to curry favor with no regard for the longterm consequences and because they want to dictate policy to others, to remove freedom. We’ve had a firsthand example of that in Massachusetts when our Governor-now-Republican-political-candidate Romney got a bill passed to force us to buy health insurance whether we wanted it or not, whether we could afford it or not. He’s in the pocket of the insurance companies who are the only ones who stood to benefit from that bill. Insurance companies and other big companies make nice contributions to political campaigns. Here’s a man who wants to tell others how to spend their money rather than allowing them to think for themselves, all because he wants to make a name for himself in the history books with little regard for freedom. Other people such as union leaders use it because they get to skim off the labor of others without producing anything themselves and will do so even if its drives the businesses paying the employees who pay those union dues out of business. And there are those who want to do good for others but who just don’t understand that it destroys motivation and dignity or who are so eliticist that they need someone to dictate policy to. Some Native American tribes, for example, receive commodities through treaty and welfare, but I can tell you from personal experience that all that has done is to strip motivation from them to work or to take personal responsibility for their actions. These reservations are now cesspools of corruption, alcoholism, drug addiction and violence, all on our paycheck. The mothers, until recent welfare reform, had baby after baby so as to collect the welfare check and food stamps. The stamps are sold for booze/drugs while the non-working fathers live off the mothers who are collecting welfare and government food commodities. They get free housing on our paycheck while you have to pay for yours. Their kids’ schoolclothes are paid for by government stipend while you have to work for yours. They pay no taxes so those who do work do not contribute to the the system from which the rest of them are drawing. Most of them don’t work. Socialism in action. That’s not to say only socialism can be a problem because big government can be a problem too. I’ll give you a current example: all those bad housing loans the greedy huge banks made in the past few years to people who should never have been given loans are now going to try to collect relief from the government. At whose expense you say? Why yours and mine, a kind of government socialism where we may be forced to pay for the bad business practices of big banking, banking that wants to avoid the consequences of actions it knowingly took. Who’s contributing to your favorite candidate who’ll try to levy a big pinch on your pocket to benefit big banking?! I think we need to be ever vigilant to protect the freedoms our Constitution provides because there will always be those who through greed, eliticism, despotism, through ignorance of consequences or stupidity, and even sometimes through good intentions would like to remove them. Socialism just doesn’t work.

  3. I just finished watching the Republican candidate debate on Fox News. How in the world that network got hold of the debate is a mystery to me. What an incredibly unprofessional, biased and rude presentation by the network with obvious biases. I thought the aim of reporting was to be as objective as possible, but this wasn’t the case tonight. For example, immediately noticeable was that Ron Paul’s lecturn appeared to be spaced further apart from the lecturns of the other candidates. The Fox moderator verbally attacked him while not attacking any of the other candidates. Paul, to his credit, handled the situation well and I found myself wanting to hear more of what he had to say. Paul was cut off much quicker than the other candidates. The network seemed to be out to discredit him. I was surprised also, that the moderator allowed Thompson to jump in and attack Huckabee, but Thompson just ended up looking like someone who hits below the belt. I think Fox deserves to fold as a network if the way Fox handled the debate is any example of its reporting of the news or an important event. As far as the debate itself, to my surprise, Paul seems to be the only candidate who actually supports our Constitution. I’m glad I saw the debate because I might not have seen that otherwise. All the other candidates came across as wanting to lead us into war and socialism.

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