Ron Paul’s replies @ ABC/N.H. debate on 1-05-08 (videos)

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Republican Presidential Candidates Debate 1-05-08 (videos)

10 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s replies @ ABC/N.H. debate on 1-05-08 (videos)

  1. Ron Paul is the only one who speaks about specific policy changes and models dignity and respect towards others– isnt it interesting the true colors of the other candidates as they mock and smirk? Dont you know, that is just how they feel about us and civil liberties? These people are like kings and they dont give a rip about the commoners, they (like McCain) are corrupt to the core after decades in Washington DC

  2. Ron Paul sounded like an idiot praising Barack Obama making it sound like they have the same views on the war and claiming Obama has a good record on civil liberties. Is Paul so clueless he doesn’t know Obama has voted to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan? Does Paul not know Obama supports the USA Patriot Act? Does Paul not know Obama didn’t show up to vote on Mukasey’s nomination for Attorney General?

  3. If Ron Paul wins, our country will be turned upside down. That’s excellent. We need a change that starts at the core, with a massive rippling effect.

    Fox needs to trash Murdoch and start focusing on what’s best for the country–not best for their agenda.

  4. Ron Paul, a great light in very dark times. He raised more money in one day of fundraising from the American people (not the money men) than any other president in history, he is way ahead on all internet polls and still he is shunned by mainstream media. We have no one like Ron Paul in England, go Ron Paul and go America. Humanity is preying those with the most control over the mainstream media are hopelessly trying to quell a volcano.

  5. Dollars is worth $0.10 =’s $0.35 a gall. gas.
    10X’s $0.35 =’s $3.50 per gallon!
    Its simple arithmatic, too bad the concept is not so easy to understand.
    Inflation effects the poorer class'[retired, sick, disabled] first, then trickles Up to the middle class[manufacturing, and skilled trades], then it becomes a problem? And where are the New Jobs, Chinar.
    Then its too late, the reverse the trend, Payments[mortage, car, Utilities, Credit cards, and don’t forget Insurance]] become too high that cause defaults, especially in the middle class, that has not experienced such an assault in recent History.

  6. P.S. When Ron Paul appeared on The O’Reilly Factor they were scheduled opposite another television event,,, the first Monday Night Football game of the year. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. This was one of Ron’s best debate “performances” yet. However, i’m sure most Americans didn’t see it. Why? Well, These debates were curiously scheduled right in the middle of the NFL NFC-AFC Wild Card playoff games. Something i’m sure ABC was unaware of. *looks around sheepishly* We’re all dissapointed that Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel (two truly anti war candidates) weren’t invited to the Dem. debate but it probably doesn’t matter since most Americans wouldn’t have heard them anyway.

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