Kucinich Still the Best by Daniel Geery

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by Daniel Geery
Jan 6, 2008

Like millions of Americans, I am anxious to see America turn around and bring itself back to sanity. I’d like to see us to solve the problems in our own backyard and set an example for the rest of the world, rather than playing bully to the world. With mind boggling sums now devoted to killing and maiming untold thousands of fellow humans, while needs of our own people go utterly ignored, it’s hard to imagine not wanting a president who offers the real prospect of peace and prosperity. Thus I’m pleased to advocate for a person who truly is “the peace candidate,” with a track record to prove it. Dennis Kucinich is the one candidate with the courage, integrity, and ability to lead this country in a new direction.


Dennis is the candidate who:

-vehemently opposed the Iraq war from the start and warned of the dangers we’d face;

-voted against further funding to continue the Iraq nightmare, and to use existing funds to bring the troops home now;

-has plans to get out of Iraq and for what to do once we are out:

-voted against the misnamed “Patriot Act” (and is probably the only one who stayed up all night reading it);

-submitted a bill to Congress to establish universal health coverage—nonprofit insurance for all, at a cost that is less than Americans now pay;

-promises to withdraw from corporate giveaways like NAFTA and the WTO (called “the most serious threat to the world’s environment and people”), and replace them with fair trade agreements, including labor and environmental protections;

-has a plan to make our military more efficient, and to redirect resources being squandered now;

-has introduced legislation for a Department of Peace, that would seek non-violent solutions to global and domestic conflicts, ultimately eliminating motives for terrorism;

-has a plan to repeal Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and invest that money in public education;

-stands against privatization of Social Security and would return retirement age to 65;

-has pledged to break up corporate monopolies in agriculture, energy, media and other sectors that are strangling farmers and the environment, as well as you and me;

-has pledged to sign the Kyoto Treaty on global warming and lead our country to 20% renewable energy by 2010;

-has a plan to put Americans to work rebuilding dilapidated schools, roads, bridges, ports, water and environmental systems;

-has a decades-long track record which proves he operates from principles of truth, justice, peace, and reason, and will not be tainted by influences not in the public interest.

-and of course, he is our lone representative who has shown enough fortitude and wisdom to put impeachment back “on the table.”

Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who has clearly defined the issues facing us and offered workable solutions to them. His voting record shows he understands the importance of caring for America, as opposed to plundering and destroying it. He’s the one candidate with the wisdom and vision to restore this country to its former greatness, and take it to even higher ground, and operate on principles beyond capitalist greed and “every man for himself”—he would bring us together a nation of people helping each other. His steadfast maturity and correctness don’t make big headlines, but they do make Dennis worthy of your vote and spreading of the word.

But please don’t listen just to me—visit http://www.kucinich.us and take the test to see which candidate is most in line with your own views. If you think Dennis represents you, and particularly if you want the Iraq war to end immediately, please help get the word out about this remarkable presidential candidate. The media won’t do it—their purse strings are tied to large corporations, as they so well demonstrated in the last elections. But the word can be spread, and now is the time to begin talking to friends.

P.S. Your vote in the primaries will matter infinitely more than your vote in the final elections. Dennis can and will hold his own against any republican candidate. The issue is getting him on the ballot in the first place. Here’s a quote from David Swanson, former campaign manager for Kucinich: “The following are majority positions among Americans, and overwhelmingly majority positions among Democrats: end the occupation of Iraq, impeach the vice president, create single-payer not-for-profit universal health coverage, withdraw from corporate trade agreements like NAFTA, and slash the Pentagon budget in order to invest in diplomacy, foreign aid, education, jobs, and green energy. Only one candidate supports this platform. He came in third in MoveOn.org’s poll, and then second in Democrats.com’s, then first in Democracy for America’s, and most recently first in Progressive Democrats of America’s poll. These are polls done outside the corporate media, polls of progressive activists. His campaign is where the energy is, but it is energy that must resist the influence of the corporate media. Our country and our planet are in peril, and we have no viable alternative. Nobody else comes close. His name is Dennis Kucinich.”

Also: If you need more conviction to get you to vote in the primaries, please read David’s short but excellent article on the subject, and see why this is where your vote actually matters. I’m having trouble putting a link here, but if you search “swanson” as article author on this site, then scroll down to How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson, you should get all the conviction you need. [Ed. note: Or click here: How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson]

Geery lived off the grid for 15 years in an earth-sheltered, solar heated home, while his kids learned in school that solar energy isn’t feasible. NAPTA hosts a page on Geery’s foibles in education, and explains how he got his butt fired from a tenured teaching position. Here’s a short clip of his most recent solar contraption; for more on that project, and Geery’s contention that the Wright Brothers took a wrong turn, please visit his airship page (hyperblimp.com). Apparently, Geery is the only one in the world to respond to Osama bin Laden, call bullshit on him and George together, and expose them for the pansy ass rich kids that they are. Unfortunately, bin Laden has been too scared to write back and explain himself; and George is still working hard to finish his goat book.


How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson

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