Kucinich Weekly Update 01.07.08 (video)

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Episode 14, Dennis Kucinich Weekly Update for January 7th, 2008
Please join us for the latest developments in the Dennis Kucinich Presidential Campaign. This week, we’ll hear from progressive luminaries such as Viggo Mortensen and Melissa Etheridge, youtube Blogger Davis Fleetwood and the candidate himself. The outrage is growing about ABC TV’s exclusion of Congressman Kucinich from their New Hampshire debate – we have the inside story. Listen to excerpts from PBS’ Bill Moyers interview of Dennis Kucinich. Watch the newest commercial from Dennis as he lays out the hard facts about his competitors’ nearly identical positions on War, Healthcare, Civil Liberties and Trade.


Paul, Kucinich supporters protest outside NH debate (video)

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Dennis Kucinich: Bill Moyers Journal 01.04.08 (videos)


Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo