Olbermann: Fox Hunt + O’Reilly Unhinged + Worst + Fear Factor + Endgame (videos)

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Replaced first video May 4, 2013

Ron Paul Supporters Pelt Faux Hannity with Faux Snowballs and Chase him

Jan 15, 2012

Sean Hannity chased down by Ron Paul supporters over faux news’s exclusion of Ron Paul from Sundays debate.


Videos below no longer available


O’Reilly Unhinged

Keith talks with Marvin Kitman.

O’Reilly apparently has a ego problem and thinks that everyone wants to talk to him and do what ever he says. How can any one take O’Reilly seriously after this.


Worse: Roger Clemens

Worser: Dr. Phil

Worst: Bill’O!

Fear Factor

Keith talks with Richard Wolffe.

Split-GOP Soup

Keith talks with Jonathan Alter.

Democratic Endgame

Keith talks with Chuck Todd.

Granite State Of Mind

Keith talks with David Shuster.


Paul, Kucinich supporters protest outside NH debate (video)

Bill O’Reilly – King Dildo (video; over 18 only)

FOX Attacks! Obama Staffer (video)

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    I put this here so you can open your mind to the truth and stop being close minded, and stop thinking only about your self’s..open your hurt to those in need this Country has become what the Bigger Corporation wanted this to come about a selfish World. We must change or soon we will find our self’s in the same whole one day soon and maybe worst.Think of this if it were someone in your family or someone you love will you let this happen to them?


    Going to School in Palestine

    Rachel Corrie in “The Killing Zone”

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