Paul, Kucinich supporters protest outside NH debate (video)

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Sponsor: – Kucinich backers overrun street outside New Hampshire presidential debate, Ron Paulers get into it with Obamers and Clintonistas. The spots you see here were subsequently locked down. Police closed St. Anselm’s college to further demonstrations during the next day’s debate, possibly because of fears that angry Ron Paul supporters might disrupt it after Fox excluded him.

Added: January 06, 2008


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7 thoughts on “Paul, Kucinich supporters protest outside NH debate (video)

  1. Edmund, there have only been two states that have voted, IA and NH (today). We will have to see if these supporters come out to vote, but we can’t say they will not be voting yet, that would be very premature.

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  4. Attention all you readers, Obama won to pull the Indpendents away from Kucinih, Gravel, and/or Paul.
    Don’t be fooled by the Machines. Grassroots is still an infant to the N.R.C. and D.M.C.. You have a chance but you have to do it yourselves, or you’ll be handed their choice, of who’s on first.

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