Ron Paul on CNN 01.07.08 + Town Hall Meeting (videos)

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January 07, 2008 CNN Morning

Ron Paul Town Hall


Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting – Manchester, New Hampshire, Jan. 6, 2008


Paul, Kucinich supporters protest outside NH debate (video)


5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on CNN 01.07.08 + Town Hall Meeting (videos)

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  2. “That which is hateful to you do not do to another..the rest (of the Torah) is all commentary, now go study”

    -Rabbi Hillel

  3. Thank you for posting these videos. You guys seem pretty fair at mixing things up and giving everyone an equal shot at getting their message out. Although I do not agree with Ron Paul on every issue, he still represents a stark and welcome contrast to the gaggle of empty suits (pushing the status quo) currently seeking office. I still find it hard to believe that I have actually donated hundreds of dollars to Paul’s campaign so far. Especially since I haven’t even voted for thirty years (sorry.) Oh well! I’m sick, old and need help. Ron Paul is a doctor, right? 🙂

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    “while among Republicans, Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee are clustered together at around 10 percent each.”

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