Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich (videos) (updated)

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Actor Viggo Mortensen comes out in support of Dennis Kucinich on Hannity & Colmes.
Added: January 07, 2008

Viggo on Kucinich and the wisdom of voting your conviction


January 6, 2007 Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Kucinich. Viggo speaks on the wisdom of voting your conviction. Any other vote is a wasted vote! Took place in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Added: January 06, 2008

Actor Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich for President


Actor Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich for President in Manchester NH this morning 1-6-08.

filmed by Tim McHugh and Paul Hubbard

Updated: Got another short one.

Viggo Mortenson with Dennis Kucinich in Concord, NH


Viggo Mortenson speaks in support of Dennis Kucinich in his Concord, NH office on Sunday January 6th.


Viggo Mortensen: The Man Knows What Needs to be Done (video)

Film Star Viggo Mortensen Campaigns with Dennis Kucinich in NH Today h/t: anniebananiepie

I Am Not a Health Reform By David U. Himmelstein & Steffie Woolhandler

Kucinich on Neil Cavuto talks about policy/exclusion 1-6-08 (video)

Let Dennis Debate! (video)Outside the New Hampshire Debates (video)

Dennis Kucinich: A Renewed America & Impeachment + Kucinich energizes 3,000 Democrats in NH (videos) (updated)

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo


13 thoughts on “Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich (videos) (updated)

  1. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia Mckinney and congressional candidate and peace activist Cindy Sheehan are going to deliver 10,000 handwritten letters to Nancy Pelosi’s office in San Francisco on Monday January 14.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Dennis Kucinich happened to be in town and joined
    them? Sheehan’s office is at 1260 Mission in SF, and the office is open daily.

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  3. I’m 43 and I became a ‘crazy fan girl ‘ of Viggo’s late in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy phenomenon. While it was Viggo’s looks that first snagged my attention, it was his politics, art and activism that have kept me enthralled. Just visit the website of his publishing company, Viggo’s politics are clear and have been for quite sometime.

    I decided on Dennis Kucinich as my choice for president, after investigating the positions of all the Democratic hopefuls on my own. I never even considered whom Viggo might choose. I just knew that Dennis was saying everything that I want to happen in this country.

    Imagine my delight, when I found out my favorite celebrity also supported my favorite candidate. It makes sense, of course. Dennis is the only candidate for me and must be right one for Viggo for the same reasons – because we both want his platform to be the nation’s agenda.

    Thank you for posting these videos. It’s great to see them. I hope that Viggo’s celebrity will bring much needed attention to Dennis’ platform.

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  5. Yes, Viggo is quite well known! And I am so glad that he has taken the time to support the Kucinich campaign! I hope that Viggo’s support will bring some much-needed attention to the campaign and bring in the support to bring about some true change in this country!

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  7. He’s also up for a SAG award, a Golden Globe, and possibly an Oscar this year for Eastern Promises. He’s pretty well known.

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