Cafferty File: Time to IMPEACH Bush & Cheney (video)

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January 07, 2008 CNN Jack Cafferty

Added: January 07, 2008

h/t: Dennis Kucinich for President (Official)

who wrote:

Watch this video and then make your calls to CNN!

See and share this YouTube Video and then make your calls!
In it there is no mention of Kucinich’s House Resolution 333, however, THIS IS an excellent YouTube about Impeachment.

DId you know that Heidi Collins interviewed Richardson on Tuesday morning and when Richardson said there were only FOUR candidates running for president on the Democratic side? Heidi Collins did not bother to correct him!

To call or email CNN (Which has been influenced by the ABC
debate that they replayed) it’s 404 827 2600, and then press 1 for news tip or 2 for comment, or go to, or

Let CNN know that Dennis Kucinich is the only presidential candidate calling for IMPEACHMENT and has written the legislation for it–HR 333!


Give Kucinich YOUR VOTE and he will give you back YOUR COUNTRY!
Vote for the REAL PROGRESSIVE-strengthen Kucinich if you want change in this country!


Why I Believe Bush Must Go By George McGovern

It’s time to impeach our VP and Pres:


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18 thoughts on “Cafferty File: Time to IMPEACH Bush & Cheney (video)

  1. Impeach them for high crimes and misdemeanors, conspiracy, election fraud, coverups, leaks, intel manipulation, illegal spying, torture, false inprisonment, murder and grand theft, not to mention their well deserved Haugue War Crimes Tribunals!

  2. Please have author, Vincent Bugliosi on your program. Recently, I’ve seen him on Democracy Now, with Amy Goodwin, C-Span had him on this weekend sponsored I believe by Democracy for America, at LA’s Book Festival. His book is titled, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” He’s an infamous prosecutor in LA for many, many years. My question is: Does CNN have the courage to have this author on during prime-time? The only one on CNN with the courage is Jack Cafferty. Keep up the great work Jack.

  3. I don’t need politicians, I need a prosecutor willing to risk all. I only sent the information to the politicians through the contact forms and CC’d myself so I would have proof of their misprision of felony, like I said, leaves on roots, grains of sand.

    I need Bugliosi to take up this banner.

  4. Very good news. I’d also be interested in what Bush has done to violate the Patriot Act.

    Contact forms aren’t necessarily the best way to contact a politician. I’d try using the forums and getting to know some of the people that use them. Be friendly and don’t write paragraphs of stuff. Keep it light to begin with. If you over do it, you may get yourself banned from the various forums. There’s a certain amount of etiquette that needs to be followed.

    By doing this you may find someone who has the “ear” to the politician; could be a volunteer or a staff person to the campaign.

    Be conversational.

  5. AH !

    I just found a response to one of my posts, a rare jewel !

    David Swanson of wants me to send him a list of what bush has done to violate the USA Patriot Act.

    This is a major move forward for me, 3-5 years ago on my previous leg of this project they were banning me from sites and striking me down, perhaps David will pick up the banner.

  6. “free minutes” “new orleans” katrina

    During the hurricane I used these methods to twist arms at the FCC with a viral email campaign so as to allow offshore phone companies to provide free relief minutes to hurricane victims. The FCC changed the law with their flavor of executive order.

    I was concerned for lives and used my word to assist suffering, I am doing the same here. I dread the bodies of millions of Iranians draped around the caskets of dead U.S. soldiers. None of which we will see.

    I completely owned and co-opted the phrase “free minutes”. My replies and comments to blogs topped the efforts of all of the phone companies for many months following Katrina, Skype made great headway during that time, they had my back.

    People will not believe me, they will believe the internet if they see it enough times in their searches and my only audience is those who seek the truth. Like I say, I’m sitting on the front row, I’m tired of the current speaker also and wish somebody else would take up the banner.

  7. I used the contact form that was available during the primary runs to send this information to Kucinich, Obama, John Edwards, HIlary, Ron Paul, etc … as many contact forms as I could find for the top officials in the United States of America. I carbon copied this entire list of ‘bigwigs’ into their own website’s contact forms. All of them recieved CC mail from all of the other candidate’s websites.

    I get a couple of timid LOL’s every now and then. The biggest response I have had is important learned people stopping their participation in these areas. Folks are terrified of the USA Patriot Act.

    I am the single voice on the planet earth that is calling for the impeachment of bush based on felony violation of the USA Patriot Act, got all the front row tickets !

  8. I’ve been doing this for years, archive sites show posts rich with my keyword targets from years ago.

    I am being ignored.

  9. Have you posted on Kucinich’s forum? Have you met others there? Try being a bit more conversational, and not so wordy. Everyone has so much to read nowadays.

  10. Dear dandelionsalad,

    I have used every level of internet skill I can muster to contact Kucinich, Obama, Edwards, and many others and have been ignored. I program in many different languages for the internet. I’ve been developing for the internet for many years.

    I am using a grass roots blog campaign to deliver my message using only organic text, prose. I could use plenty of hankypanky and sleight of blog, but I want to talk to the DMOZ, not twist its arm.

    The texts I have sent to candidates and officials, etc., those communications are developed with concise and accurate language rich with the application of the USA Patriot Act that will convict bush of felony violation of the USA Patriot Act, much more complex than what I am posting on the internet. But that will also come to bear in this fashion soon.

    I am being ignorned just as Kucinich is being ignored, would you like to go to the party with me, I got front row tickets!

    What you have been good enough to include in your blog for me is just another comment, a grain of sand, one voice, a voice that wishes dearly to hear and understand. The reply and comment can be more powerful than the blog itself. What is in your blog is a sales pitch to terrified Americans, I hope I wrote it good enough, :).

    search terms in google like :

    impeach felony
    bush felony
    bush felony impeach
    felony violation
    patriot felony
    patriot impeach
    patriot act felony
    patriot act violation

    I started this years ago, deep roots I’m just growing some leaves upon, I believe the next president will inherit and use and abuse the USA Patriot Act, my goal is the destruction of the USA Patriot Act, (legally), by using bush as the first convicted felon using only the USA Patriot Act.

    I’m building a boat on the internet, I speak to google using organic prose that is constructed in the replies and comments to blogs mostly. My tablets are engraved with the USA Patriot Act, I’m looking for that darn bush.

  11. Sentiment will not bring about impeachment; only an indictment with the most horrible crimes that shock and awe America will bring this administration down. Impeachment is the great American Shakespearean drama, and America is only in a position to play this drama out on T.V.. So let’s play ball.

    An indictment that grabs the attention of Americans and grabs the short hairs of Congress is the only indictment that will not be ignored.

    Kucinich is being ignored.

    Americans would be absolutely fascinated and entertained by the trial of bush and cheney using articles of impeachment based solely upon felony violations of the USA Patriot Act. Imagine the wealth of FOX television consultant contractors hired to pontificate on USA Patriot Act theory, imagine the ratings. Imagine the discovery powers a Judge would have under the USA Patriot Act, imagine. bush imagined, and look what it got him. It is your law and it is the only law that will terminate this un-American administration. bush and his gang are literally pressing the Adz into your trembling hands, daring you, teasing you, playing you.

    Tens of millions of dollars have been spent by the ‘media’ at large in conjunction with government propaganda offices to sell the war and the USA Patriot Act to Americans. This law shines, radiates an energy that when cast upon the accused paints them instantly and forever as horribly and terribly un-American. This is a directed political weapon and it must be focused on those who have committed felony violations of the USA Patriot Act. The USA Patriot Act is a new political weapon and the people must coop the strategy of Misaprion of a Felony within the scope of the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act.

    It would have been a huge news story if Kucinich charged bush and cheney with felony violation of the USA Patriot Act; I mean that would be HUGE. bush and cheney would be absolutely terrified, stammering their responses through the limbags. Blogs would fume, tongues would lather, ivory towers would crash down and the dust would cover all of the media with a conspiratorial cloak stinking of un-Americanism. Yes, I ‘ism’ and ‘eason them in the same breath. The soldier who wins the war walks off to battle merrily for he knows he will return the same.

    When the roaches scurry, they leave tracks, and of course that’s all part of the hard-hitting prosecutorial strategy of using the USA Patriot Act to defend this nation from terrorism and those that aid and abet terrorism by disseminating false information on terrorism, a serious and egregious felony violation of the USA Patriot Act.

    If Kucinich would have simply indicted bush with articles that were fortified with the prosecutorial tools and discovery tools included within the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act he would have effectively tarred and feathered bush. bush’s lawyers could then only attack the USA Patriot Act itself in order to destroy its power in the courts. America loves irony, a wild story, gotta love da’ juice baby. The vast majority has no interest in the Constitution or the law, unless it’s some hot babe on a police show poining a gun at a dude and shooting him. Ratings talk.

    Kucinich has no ratings.

    If you are going to bring down a warring tyrant then you will have to throw him to some very real lions. The lions in the USA Patriot Act make Kucinich’s application of old, tired laws, (that are being ignored also), a real disappointment. Kucinich needs some help with his presentation. He puts everybody to sleep.


    Do you really want to drool yourself to sleep over 4 hours of droning old law stuff that has failed so often already, or do you want to see bush accused of un-American and illegal activities, felony violations of the USA Patriot Act … or does everybody want to pretend the USA Patriot Act like, doesn’t exist? New, new and improved impeachment brought to you by the felony prosecutorial provisions of the USA Patriot Act. How long would it take them to talk if their cellmate was in a secret prison in Egypt?

    Whatever … right?

    Prosecuting by making use of the felony provisions within the USA Patriot Act will bring bush down like a chain saw clears brush. The lawyers will be forced to attack the USA Patriot Act law and its extensions, they will have to attack the theory of the USA Patriot Act and dismember and destroy the USA Patriot Act and associated legislation in order to save their hides.

    And they would be branded as un-American for all time. They would hold up their executive orders signed by bush to shield him from the very laws he made to keep you in check, and then you would start to connect the dots. Then you would connect the dots.

    It really is in plain sight.

    Focus on real felonies, not emotional or bandwagon appeals and you will get your man.

    The glittering generalities of crime, banging on pots and pans will not indict or impeach. Congress is complicit in all of this, and some of them must also be charged with felony violation of the USA Patriot Act.

    Terrify them, please; they have terrified you with it all. Fight back with felony prosecution using the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act and its extended legislations.

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  14. The sad thing is that TEXAS has the stronghold on this war right. Screw protesting and calling Washington. I wish people would storm the streets of Austin Texas.
    This is complete bullshit. Camping out in Washington is not working and has never worked.

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