Judeocentrism – Is It Always The Jew? by Fred Stopsky

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January 8, 2008

Anyone who has spent time on MySpace has encountered those claiming Jews are responsible for just about every evil in the world. They believe 17,000,000 Jews in the world far surpass in cunning and intelligence the other Six Billion and manipulate and control policy. Few realize this approach to understanding human behavior was popularized in the early years of this century when the Russian Secret Police in 1903 wrote a wild propaganda piece entitled, “The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion” which described secret meetings in graveyards by Rabbis where plots were made to overthrow the world and subject Christians to the evil control of Jews. Henry Ford, a well-known anti-Semite, published this trash in his newspaper, the Dearborn Gazette.

I have received several comments which list names of Jews in the Bush administration who favored a war with Iraq to prove it was the Israel Lobby which got America into the mess. Of course, the list leaves out George Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Colin Powell and the 90% of State Department employees who are not Jewish. It postulates that George-I Am The Decider-Bush was pushed into something he really didn’t want to do. When Don Rumsfeld was asked about the Jewish Lobby theory, he responded: ” I suppose the implication of that is the president and the vice president and myself and Colin Powell just fell off a turnip truck to take these jobs.” Oh, Don, we know the decision was that of Bush, Cheney and yourself.

To blame the Jew has been rather common in American politics for over a hundred years. Of course, in the 19th and early 20th centuries it was “blame the Pope” and his evil Catholic Church. After Al Smith, the first Catholic to run for the presidency got slaughtered in normally Democratic districts and lost, he quipped, “I just sent a telegram to the Pope, it says, unpack your bag.” If you wish to access anti-Catholic images simply go to Harper’s Weekly.

I have been told America entered WWII because of the Jews. Really. The State Department of the 1930s was viciously anti-semitic and would not even allow German Jewish children to enter the nation as refugees. No action was taken during WWII to save Jews. In 1940, Joseph Kennedy (father of John and a real anti-semite and pro Hitler ambassador to England until recalled by FDR) told Hollywood producers, most of whom were Jewish, “to stop making anti-Nazi pictures or using the film medium to promote or show sympathy to the cause of the democracies” and they complied until American entered WWII. In fact, until the post WWII film, “Gentlemen’s Agreement” came out, not a single Hollywood picture portrayed the lives or issues facing Jews in America.

I continue receiving communications about “Jewish bankers” like the Rothschilds who somehow control American finance. I check the top 50 banks in the world, I believe Lehman Brothers and maybe one or two others are Jewish banks on the list. Very few Jews prior to WWII held important positions in leading industries such as steel, automobiles, oil, etc.. due to anti-semitism.

Of course, I continually receive comments about Israel and how American created that nation and gave it atomic weapons. Really. It was the British government which got control of Palestine after WWI. (For the record, there was no nation of Palestine, it was a province of the Ottoman Empire and after the UN partition, Jordan assumed control of what some of you claim is Palestine). Strange, I have never heard anyone complain about Jordan taking control and subjecting Palestinians to second class citizenship. The United States sent NO arms to Israel(aside from a shipload of weapons gotten together by Jewish gangsters like Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen). President Truman hesitated about recognizing Israel because Secretary of State Marshall threatened to resign if he did, but Harry finally made the decision. In the 1950s, President Eisenhower made Israel, France and England end their war against Egypt and severely tongue lashed the group. France provided the technology for Israel’s atomic energy program, not the US. Obviously, American Jews had scant influence up until the 1970s on US foreign policy.

Do American Jews influence foreign policy? Of course, they do. American Armenians just got Congress to try dealing with the Armenian genocide by Turkey– the resolution was opposed by the “Israel Lobby.” Among the most arm twisting lobbies in Washington D.C. these days is the Communist China lobby. Irish Americans controlled policy toward Ireland for over a hundred years, and nearly got American into wars with Canada. The Polish lobby has been influential for half a century. The anti-Castro Cuban Lobby has virtually dictated our nation’s policy toward Cuba for half a century. Talk about influencing foreign policy!! I dare any presidential candidate to talk common sense about Cuba!

I realize it is difficult for those who believe the Rothschild family still runs banking to even conceive modern banking and the relative unimportance of Jews in it as a group. Paul Wolfowitz was appointed head of the World Bank not because he was Jewish, but because of close ties with Bush. Do Jews exert influence? Yes, as a group they have high education levels, high income (but most Jews are simply middle class people) and are politically active for the simple reason if you have been persecuted for a few thousand years, you depend upon government to protect your rights.

As a Jew and as an American and as a Human, I am a complex individual. How about a list of nations where Jews have NO power– India, China, Indonesia, Iran, just about all of Africa (except there is a Jewish community in South Africa) just about most of Latin America, and most of eastern Europe. Not much power in Scandinavia, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, etc…

My last point is how sick and tired I am of receiving comments that Jews are:

Communists, Liberals, Bankers, corporate leaders, neo-conservatives, Libertarians, radicals, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, and so on. Put these all together and you have one real weird person.

Oh, for the record, there are about six million Jews among the 300,000,00 people in this country.

A biting story from Wisconsin. A returned war veteran from Iraq was at a holiday party when he began telling people about the horrible things soldiers did to Iraqis. Brian Johnson got mad and said: “Shut Up. My dad was in Vietnam, and those guys didn’t tell stories like that.” They got into a a fight and Ramon Alega bit off Johnson’s ear. The sad aspect of the story is the inability of Vietnam war veterans to articulate what happened to them in a horrible war.

The Kurdish Workers Party is now switching from fighting in mountains to blowing up things in cities. The Turkish government says it will only grant pardons to those who didn’t fight against Turkish soldiers. Brilliant. The Kurdish rebels say they will cease fighting if all are granted a pardon. Figure it out Turkish government, no pardon and no end to bombings.

The situation in Kenya is horrific. Over 300 dead in an election stolen by President Kibaki. Bishiop Tutu of South Africa finally got him to agree on a new election if a recount of votes proves there was manipulation. One problem facing a recount is that records might already have been destroyed. How about getting Bishop Tutu (Nobel Prize Winner) to mediate the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Speaking of bishops, the Bishop of Rochester in England came out blasting Muslims in his nation for creating zones in which it was dangerous for a Christian to venture. he blames the current problems in his country on multiculturalism, the government’s lack of “a moral and spiritual vision” because it dose not help the Church of England and gives all that aid to the Muslims. Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, asked the obvious question– could you please cite proof of in which areas it is dangerous for Christians to venture?

They are celebrating independence day in Myanmar and the government has sent in thousands of police and soldiers to maintain security. Notice how everyone has forgotten the brutality of the Burmese junta? It goes to prove if you are brutal in suppressing dissident voices the world will move on to the next topic. Oh, just to keep out the media, the price for a license to access satellite TV has been raised from $6 a year to $1000. See how easy it is to suppress information n the modern world?

Oh, China has now made illegal the distribution of “vulgar” video and audio products. The government is concerned over language that is “absolutely erotic.” And, those half nude images really drive the censors wild. I am confused, why are they worried about half-nudity? Or, are they saying it is OK to be completely nude?

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel finally is cracking down on building new housing on the West Bank and in eastern Jerusalem. His decision infuriated right wingers and MP Arye Eklad urged west bank settlers to “violate the law and build.” He blasted the Prime Minister for being an anti-Zionist and, listen to this, named as the chief culprit, George Bush! He claims Bush “is leading us to catastrophe.” Somehow, I just don’t think Palestinians view Bush as being on their side.

I listened to the Republicans go at one another. I loved the crack by John McCain when Romney claimed to be a man who believed in change–“I agree, you are a man of change.” Of course, referring to the times Mitt changes his policies in order to get votes. I guess Hillary just can’t shake the baggage issue. She simply misread the mood of Americans– they want honesty, they want action. This nation will insist on a national health insurance and they certainly don’t want any of those silly Republican ideas about tax deductions for medical care. I will still argue that Medicare is the most cost effective health system in this nation and it provides all of us in it the freedom to choose our doctors. I have a hunch Obama will win by about 9% more votes than Hillary with Edwards close behind. When will Bill Richardson please go home.

A new anti-Muslim party is emerging in Germany based on the “Pro-Cologne” movement which is fighting the construction of a large new mosque in the city of Cologne. The party is called, “Pro NRW”(Pro-North Rhine Westphalia). For some reason the building of this mosque has created an uproar among Germans. The main complaint is about the tall minarets. Funny, when in Germany I saw a lot of churches with tall spires.

The people of Okinawa have been “hosts” to American forces since 1945. Originally the soldiers came as an occupation force, then remained for the Korean War. For some reason they are still present and when the Okinawa government suggested they move their bases, our Secretary of Defense Gates became upset and said we had agreements and they had a right to remain. Would someone please tell me why Japan needs US troops? Against whom are they protecting the Japanese people? Me thinks, it it is time to withdraw all US forces from Japan and allow the people of Okinawa the right to decide who protects them.

Interesting Headlines:

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Tape To Protect Soldiers From Friendly Fire”
I assume it is sticky tape.

Finland, Sanomat: “Women In Espo Live Up To 13 Years Longer Than Men In Jakomaki”
Yeh, but what about the men in Espo and the women in Jakomaki”

Bhutan, Bhutan Times: “Tourist Thief Gets 7 Years”
But, where does he stash the tourists?

Mongolia, Mongol Messenger: “Anti Corruption Chief Appointed”
Now, that Mongolia has one, how about one for the USA?

Australia, West Australian: “Too Much Blubber”
I believe this is an excellent description of the old Mike Huckabee.

England, Manchester Guardian: “Virgin Preferred Bidder For Northern Rock”
This is one bank that I really would like to deposit my hormones.

Peace and Love


The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World (audio link; Daniel Estulin)

9 thoughts on “Judeocentrism – Is It Always The Jew? by Fred Stopsky

  1. Gary, you hit the nail on the head. Cut the US taxpayer umbilical cord to Israel and within days Israel will be forced to negotiate with neighbouring Arab states.

  2. Okinawa? I am not asking about separatists movements. there are plenty f them i am asking about legitimately created by UN states:name me one state ( other than Israel) in the world which right to exist is denied .

  3. Please name me one state ( other than Israel) in the world which right to exist is denied by “progressive” world public opinion and by the all neighboring states.

  4. “what about MOSSAD accountability?”
    accountability for what ? accountability to whom ?
    do you consider jews and Israel that inferior that jews in your opinion have to apologize for having a n intelligence service ?

  5. “how about MOSSAD?”

    I’d like to know why those 5 “Israeli” army officers disguised as Arabs were celebrating as the twin towers fell. But don’t blame the Jewish people as a whole for the actions of a few.

    “Blaming the Jew for everthing only helps “Israel” – Gary

  6. I happened across an article online written by a white supremacist who claimed that schizophrenia was contagious and that Jews were carriers of the disease. It never ceases to amaze me the crazy conspiracy theories of Jew haters.

  7. how about MOSSAD? can we talk about this? nobody should say
    ‘jew’ … nobody can disregard bilderberg insanity.
    but we should call a spade a spade. so what about MOSSAD

  8. If the Jewish people are so powerful how come “Israel” relies on U.S. tax dollars to survive? Blaming “the Jews” for everything only propetuates the notion that the Jews are all powerful. It also creates hatred of Jews as a whole which “Isreal” uses as an excuse to exist but i’m sure the people who promote this Jew baiting garbage are unaware of. Yeah right.

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