New Hampshire, Kucinich & ABC’s Dirty Trick by Kevin Gosztola

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by Kevin Gosztola
January 8, 2008

On the incoming results of the NH primary, on the future of Dennis Kucinich in this presidential election, and on the effect ABC has had on this election.


I was hopeful this morning that somehow I might see the kind of poll results that at least Ron Paul has been getting.

As I sit here and watch Mitt Romney ramble and look at the percentages won blinking at the bottom, my fear is being realized…

…All the work that Dennis Kucinich and his supporters put into New Hampshire didn’t pay off.

Even worse, Richardson is now polling higher than Kucinich thanks to the corporatist sham that is ABC.

I now would like to hear from other Americans on how they feel about this election as a Kucinich supporter.

It’s time for a group pow wow. We need to huddle. And please huddle with me on this comments section as we talk about what to do next.

I would do this on the Action Center but I will do it here because outsiders who are not members of the campaign may happen upon this and add their opinion.

Kevin Gosztola goes to Columbia College in Chicago where he is studying to become a documentary filmmaker. When not writing on OpEdNews, he participates in the local campaign in Chicago for Dennis Kucinich for President, the Amnesty International chapter at Columbia, and assists with several political youth groups who face suppression and violation of civil liberties. He currently is enjoying some R&R in South Bend, IN right now, which happens to be the home of the H2 Hummer War Profiteering Plant, a plant that employs so many people who would not be employed if this god forsaken war wasn’t going on.



Kucinich says he will continue campaigning h/t: AnnaInUtah


Action Center for Dennis Kucinich

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One thought on “New Hampshire, Kucinich & ABC’s Dirty Trick by Kevin Gosztola

  1. The election is already becoming another golf tournament.
    And the fans are apparently as shallow as any.

    Interviews with voters on NPR trying to explain the variance between polls and ballots, reveal that the people are really quite stupid. Many were waffling between candidates, even between parties (with these independents) right up until their vote.

    How it could come to pass that the electorate remains conviction-less after the slow, un-anesthetized amputation of american morality which this war has exacted, is as much a mystery to me as the lack of tidal-wave support for Dennis.

    People actually voted for Huckleberry in Iowa?? People still vote for McCain?? It’s not possible! Alas, but it is, and they did, and will again.

    I fear that not even an all-day debate on all news networks including all candidates could ever alter the psychosis, the sickness in the minds of the minions. Apparently the cocktail of faith-based greed begat by the raygun era and ramped up by the butches was too much for the addictive mindset of americans to recover from. Something is seriously amiss, and no amount of complicity in war-crimes can cure their severely distorted morality.

    I will support Dennis Kucinich with everything I have for as long as he’s willing to fight on in his crusade for morality and sanity in US politics. The positions Dennis laid out on the war and impeachment alone guarantees complete alignment by anyone who had any qualms about this invasion at any point in the past.

    Dennis has taken a huge, selfless risk in promoting the positions and legislation that he has. He is a martyr, a visionary, and a really brilliant law-maker. And he does not back down, ever. So neither shall we.

    Why this heroic journey by Dennis and Elizabeth does not touch more hearts as it has mine so deeply, will remain an eternal mystery for me.

    But that is not new, I’ve slowly withdrawn from this land into my own reservation as the reality of the great divide between america and it’s morality manifested.

    Moral people have no option but to back Dennis until he decides where he feels our votes should go, if not to him. He is a realist, and knows the players better than anyone. I finally found a candidate I can trust.

    But if this land elects another hawk, I will likely have to leave.

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