Ron Paul On CNN in NH (video)

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Ron Paul On CNN During New Hampshire Primary.

Added: January 08, 2008


Tucker: Ron Paul Revealed (videos) + Paul’s Response


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    A mailing letter for the Mises Institute’s 1995 secession conference–to be held in Charleston, “hotbed of America’s two great secessions, against Britain and D.C.”

    (Ron Paul is the first man at the left side of the letter)

    Click to access secession.pdf

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  3. The New Republic story confirms everything I have been saying. Especially important are Paul’s rants about gays and lesbians. He refers to gays as “limp-wristed” and “abnormal.” Like his racist views explain his opposition to civil rights for blacks, his anti-gay and lesbian views explain his opposition to civil rights for homosexuals. Paul is just what I have been saying he is all along: a homophobic white nationalist. It’s time to ask for your money back. Soon, I hope, we can stop paying attention to this looney tune.

  4. They tried to eliminate all the evidence.
    But the evidence is still there.
    Nobody can delete 20 years of racism, homophobia and paranoia.

    Ron Paul has been selling his racists newsletters for 20 years.
    Ron Paul said Marting Luther King was a gay pedophile.
    Ron Paul was an eloquent spokesman at the 1995 neoconfederate secessionist convention.
    Ron Paul is a complete asshole.

    Here are the newsletters:

  5. Johanna,

    You could not be further from the truth; it kills me inside to see someone lie to themselves so, so much.

    As for the racist rumours, those are rumours that were well-cleared up and that fact has been well supressed – to tempt Ron oppossers into hating him even more.

    You know you wanna….

  6. Johanna, Do you think for a second that Guliani and McCain don’t have supporters that are into things they would not endorse. I heard a white supremest say on national television that he supported Bush so he could kill those Arabians. Why is it that you are not capable of understanding his positions.

    He is not against equal rights. If you consider giving privledges to people equal rights, yeah he is against that.

    He is not against education, just public education. In other words, the federal gov. has no right nor responsibility to educate the people. They do a horrible job of it anyway.

    he is not against health care, he said he would a) use the money spent on oversees military action to pay for it and make it good which nobody can afford to do unless money is saved. b) he would then begin to ease off government medical care slowly to ensure other options become available to the needy c) the other options he refers to is more localized care. In other words, if the churches, other organizations and the free market can’t accomplish it, local government can work up a program. This creates better accountability, less waste and more freedom.

    he has said it again and again, the abortion issue is a STATE ISSUE. This is what the constitutions says. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    There is no authority for the federal gov to make decisions on the abortion issue. If you have a hard time excepting this, remember that what the government can giveth, it can taketh away.

    Separation of Church and state? What the heck are you talking about? Ron has made it clear that he is against theocracy and has even quoted Sinclair Lewis on national television. You got this one way off track.

    So he is going to take from you all you fought for? Well, let me just state that the more you go to your mother government to solve your problems, the more they are going to infringe on your rights. If you want freedom, it requires work and sacrifice. Nothing Ron has said or done has ever been for anything other than protecting the liberties of individuals of all race, religion and economic backgrounds. You are reading too much of your liberal propaganda. Almost every person on the Democratic side and Republican side voted for the war, voted to fund the war and is quoted as saying they are wanting to expand it. Wake up please. If we are going to change things we must come to terms with reality.

    Please take time to watch this movie

    I suggest

  7. Ron Paul was Out-Foxed by all the media once again! This country is on its way out thanks. I’m living in an Orwellian Country! Doible-Speak!

  8. I am so sick of him…. and his white supremacists supporters…. yeah he is against the war and everything else…
    against equal rights, public education, health care, pro choice, separation of church and state and everything else we have fought for for years…….i guess if he were to win, we could all just buy a machine gun and hold up in our homes……

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