Viggo Mortensen: The Man Knows What Needs to be Done + 5 Mins w/Kucinich (videos)

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Actor Viggo Mortensen asks the voters to support Dennis Kucinich in an interview with Davis Fleetwood.

Filmed by Robert Malin

Added: January 08, 2008

5 Mins with Kucinich

Join actor Viggo Mortensen and Congressman Dennis Kucinich for five minutes of policy, controversy and more!

Added: January 07, 2008


Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich (videos)

Clinton, Edwards & Obama: Electile Dysfunction by Davis Fleetwood (video)

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo

How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot by David Swanson

Caucus for Kucinich!

Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!


9 thoughts on “Viggo Mortensen: The Man Knows What Needs to be Done + 5 Mins w/Kucinich (videos)

  1. I always have amired and will ,the people,the ones that stands up and tells what one think and will stand by his beliefs,indstead of swimming along with the huge streams.

    “Great Speaks Viggo” .

    Thank you asweell Mr. Kucinich and your very pretty wife Elisabeth for the 3 different Add s from your pages over at my page at

    Feel free for a visit anytime..


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  3. I am so relieved to watch these videos. They lay to rest alot of doubts that I , as a newly politically (somewhat) aware citizen had about whether or not my vote counted in the primaries, etc. And hearing Kucinich speak is amazing because he is a dream president, just a dream, and somehow, because I am trained by media? I don’t know why, when actors endorse him I feel he has a better chance and then my hope grows and then my commitment to doing something about it strengthens. So I am pleased. Mr. Mortensen is well-spoken, and more importantly, lucid and passionate about why Bush/Cheney must be held accountable, we cannot embolden these sly corporate dogs by doing anything less than impeachment and jail sentences.

  4. One word for Viggo’s impassioned speech.

    I’m voting for Kucinich on Feb 5th, instead of more “electable” candidates.

  5. Viggo Mortensen is absolutely right in stating that we are not wasting our vote by voting for Kucinich (or any candidate we feel passionate about). I did my own research and have discovered that Kucinich, is in fact, an amazing man who is highly principled, consistent and a true believer. The fact that he was kept out of the debate causes me great concern. Why is that? There is something very wrong about not letting the American people hear each candidate and decided for themselves who they want to vote for. By NOT voting for the candidate of your choice you are harming America. Take a stand and place your vote for Kucinich – the most honorable man in politics today.

  6. Viggo Mortensen graduated college w/a double major in Government & Spanish. He’s one of the most articulate speakers on the issues I’ve heard. He also publishes books, and his publishing house, Perceval Press’ website,, is wonderful!

    In interviews all across the world promoting his movies, (which he’s obligated todo for the movies) he always turns the discussion to the fight for freedom and understanding among all people. Sean Penn is also very incisive and passionate, wrote a great article on Hugo Chavez and US disruption in Venezuela, which was posted on Counterpunch.

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