Welcome to the United States of Disney By Jeeni Criscenzo

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By Jeeni Criscenzo
Kucinich for President
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January 7, 2008

Why Was Dennis Kucinich Left Out of the ABC Democratic Debate

On Saturday night we officially became the United States of Disney. While Republican candidates railed about the threat of Islamo-fascists, Americans were oblivious that in fact, the greatest treat to our freedom was transpiring right before them – corporate-controlled media, a key component of fascism, used their power to exclude the one candidate from the debates who dares to stand up to them. To “cover” their coup, they ran a silly fluff piece prior to the debate about people who are running for president with no organization behind them and questioned why they would do such a thing other than to massage their own egos.

But the candidate Disney/ABC arbitrarily excluded from the debate is a viable candidate who has hundreds of thousands of supporters and a solid organization in every state. Dennis Kucinich has been campaigning non-stop for over a year with his wife, Elizabeth. He’s on the ballot in almost every state. This isn’t some vanity campaign that the Corporate-controlled media has deliberately tried to make disappear – this is the one candidate who is running for all the right reasons – because he wants to save our country from the takeover of special interests.

What you do over the next few weeks might mean the difference between waking up this time next year in a Disneyland where the majority of Americans will be grateful for the most menial jobs, while the wealthy few get a free ride, or taking our country back from the military/industrial/insurance/media fascists. Please go to http://www.California4Kucinich.com now and sign up to be on a DK Team. We are currently organizing to reach out to voters by phone and in person and your local DK Team Leader will contact you to see the best way you can get involved. See what others are saying and join the discussion at our Forum


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  3. This company should be investigated for Child s/exploitation, no Imagineering here.
    Don’t blame the bi-polar on poor Brittany Spears,
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