Why Ron Paul’s left-wing champions are wrong by Elizabeth Schulte

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by Elizabeth Schulte
January 11, 2008

ELIZABETH SCHULTE challenges those on the left who speak out for Republican Ron Paul on the basis of his opposition to the war.

MAYBE YOU’VE seen them at antiwar protests–supporters of the “Love Revolution” of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. In Chicago, Paul backers hired a plane with a banner to fly over the demonstration in October.

The libertarian Texas congressman has won over a group of antiwar writers and others on the left who say he is the only candidate in either party’s presidential primaries worth supporting.

Paul gained these left endorsements because he has taken a stand against the occupation of Iraq and the U.S. “war on terror” that few Democrats dare to. He voted against last year’s war funding bill, supports repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act and opposes an attack on Iran.

But that’s not all Ron Paul stands for–far from it.

He also, for example, regularly claims that the “American way of life” is under assault, and fighting back means “strengthening the borders”–i.e., cracking down on Mexican immigrants. Paul is opposed to abortion rights–apparently, his libertarian defense of individual freedom doesn’t apply to women.

He says he’s proud to stand in the tradition of Ronald Reagan–who Paul was almost alone among Republican officeholders in supporting when Reagan first ran for president in 1976. In between the Reagan quotes on his Web site, Paul makes it clear that he believes in “small government”–by which, he means eliminating the federal government’s already shredded social safety net, not to mention the Department of Education.


reagan and ron paul


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3 thoughts on “Why Ron Paul’s left-wing champions are wrong by Elizabeth Schulte

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  2. “Paul is opposed to abortion rights–apparently, his libertarian defense of individual freedom doesn’t apply to women.”

    It is irresponsible for women to kill their own young, before they have even a chance to be born. The only real excuses for women to abort is cases of rape or incest. Paul has publically made it clear that those two alternative reasons excuse abortion. Paul is very, very fair about personal liberty.
    Women abuse liberty to forcively determine their own childrens’ life; and the life of a child is not to be confused with being inherently apart of the mother. That is the fundamental point of intercourse and reproduction: to create another life and continue the gene pool.
    Abortion seems to be the leading(and only) excuse for people to sneer at Paul. I guess it typically comes not from left-wingers or right-wingers, but from irresponsible people. Is denying the chance and right to life for your own child a “left-wing” thing to do? are you at liberty to do it? is this what you do with your left-wing freedom?
    Women have evidently lost track of a fundamental, biological role their own gender identifies them as: the joy of giving life. That’s a right any sane life-form deeply admires.
    So it adds up that abortion is against women’s rights.
    That’s another interesting trait about liberty: it allows people to reveal their inhibitions without care of consequences.
    This era of humanity has really monitored the zeitgeist we’re in ~ and that is the era in which we don’t even give a shit about our own species.

  3. GR8 picture of RP with RR! I have to borrow it!

    BTW: while I could never support Rep Ron Paul, I celebrate him as a rare Republican who can think for himself. As such, he’s a constant embarrassment to the rest of them thugs in the GOP!

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