Exclusive: Blair takes on money spin by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Jan. 10, 2008

Tony Blair has announced today that he will take a part time advisers job on Wall Street with JP Morgan to provide political and strategic advice and take part in client events (AKA insider trading).

Teflon refused to disclose his earning from the position but did say it was just one of a number of positions he would be filling in the private sector.

It is obviously not too far off into the future when the war monger/genocidal megalomaniac/peace envoy will be needed to officially run world bank or IMF to take over the Wolfowitz line.

JP Morgan are running short of market manipulators these days and it fits in well with Blairs standard career path to date to chase the money (no pun intended) and put the needs of his pocket before any human rights pretensions he may exude in his current role as Saint Anthony of the middle east. His old buddy Brown also sold the British gold reserves to the Rothchilds when the gold market was at an all time low losing some £2 billions for the British Tax payer and it saddles up well with the JP Morgan Chase old turf of manipulating the Gold market like that of 2003 which resulted in the anti trust law suit that was filed in New Orleans which accused them of conspiring with Barrick Gold Corp, Toronto (Canada’s largest gold producer) to actively manipulate the price of gold at the expense of individual investors and making $2 billion (US) profits in the process. The claim was brought by Blanchard and Co. of New Orleans representing its clients who bought gold bullion.

According to CBC news, Blanchard alleged that “Barrack and J.P. Morgan injected millions of additional ounces of gold into the market so that the companies made $2-billion US in short-selling profits “by suppressing the price of gold at the expense of individual investors.”

“Since the end of 1987, when the collaboration between Barrick and J.P. Morgan began, the growth of global income and wealth would have lifted the gold price to approximately $740 US if the price had been able to respond to the normal laws of supply and demand,” Blanchard chief executive Donald Doyle said in a statement. “If gold had kept pace with inflation, the price today would be approximately $760 US,” Doyle said. Gold was quoted at $342.70 US that week, up $4.70 US. Pattern emerging here.

Ironically though when Brown, then Chancellor under Teflon Tony, decided to inform only a select handful of Britains top gold traders of his decision to flog off half the British Gold reserves at a knock down price back in May 1999 in the Bank of England’s meeting rooms, Brown himself did not attend. However Martin Stokes, former vice-president at JP Morgan, who WAS present, said: “I was surprised they had chosen the auction method. It indicated they did not have a real understanding of the gold market.” according to the Times April 15 2007. Although Peter Fava head of precious metal dealing at the HSBC said “the timing of the decision was ludicrous. We told them you’re going to push the price of gold down before you sell. We thought it was a disastrous decision. We couldn’t understand it”

Even though they warned at the time that gold moved in decade long cycles and at that point in time the value was at a decade low and was due to increase in value anyway, Brown refused to heed the advice. They warned that if they announced the timing and the amounts the gold price would plunge. Bank of England officials at the time also said that Brown appeared “uninterested in their expert advice” and it was a decision reached by Brown and his “inner circle”.

JP Morgan must have known then they could be on to a good thing with Blair for the future. Only two years earlier he pranced through the doors of number 10 for the first time to the tune “things can only get better” and for him they certainly did.

Since then the price of gold has trebled.

Smacks of insider trading, doesn’t it?

It won’t be long till The North American Union kicks in and the Amero currency is forced on the people of the union and with such obviously individually patriotic entities as Blair/Brown, JP Morgan, The Rothchilds and Canadas Barrick gold, et al, all combined one wonders who is looking out for the interests of the common people of the respective countries of the union.

It now only remains to pull Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu now the world’s richest man into the club, which will probably be another job for Saint Blair.

Slim made his fortune as a monopoly holder on the Mexican land-line telephone market. One wonders how this one will fit into the elites social club.

When asked what it was like to be (at the time) the worlds second richest man, Slim famously said while comparing himself to Warren Buffet, the tycoon who at that time pledged US $1.5 billion dollars a year to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that Slim overtook to become the number two.

“Our concept is more to accomplish and solve things, rather than giving-that is not going around like Santa Claus … poverty isn’t solved with donations.”

Well there it is then, Common theology already. He’ll fit in just fine with the rest of the planetary manipulators who have the gall to call themselves our representatives.

Good luck with your new job Tony, and that is meant with all the same sincerity you felt for the 1.5 million innocent men women and children of Iraqi spread across the mass graves of the once beautiful Mesopotamian landscape in your quest for your place in the history books, of which I can assure you, in the same footpath as other such philanthropists as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al you have deservedly achieved already.


Blair’s chameleonic path to divinity by Trevor Murphy

2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Blair takes on money spin by Trevor Murphy

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  2. Trevor, that’s a great and insightful article on Tony “Child Murderer” Blair as my goo dfriend Brian Haw likes to call him. Well actually, so do I! He is.

    I say that ignorance is not not knowing, ignorance is ignoring what one knows, and for sure Mr. Blair et al KNEW what would happen in Iraq – the chaos was planned, start to finish.

    Invade, dismantle civilian infrstructure, arm the criminal gangs and declare a civil war when some Iraqi nationalists fight back against the occupation and the newly empowered criminal gangs.

    The modus operandi is well known, and a matter of record.

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