Dennis Kucinich Announces he’s running for re-election! (video)

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Video by Chad E

Added: January 10, 2008


Kucinich v.s Obama & Clinton + The Ballad of Dennis Kucinich (videos)


3 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Announces he’s running for re-election! (video)

  1. Thanks, PTTV. Yes, I agree it’s a fabulous speech. Dennis is a very good speaker.

    Too bad the general public doesn’t have the chance to hear him. It’s our loss. Our country’s loss.

  2. This is the most moving speech I’ve heard from Dennis. Is there any example in history of a politician with such a compelling vision and delivery, spanning local and national government, encompassing such important, wise and inspiring views? Surely not many.

    How then could it come to pass that his candidacy is so marginalized. The people have failed to speak. I hope they wake up to Dennis soon!

    Thanks for posting this, made my day!

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