Flight 93 – RARE Footage – Not seen since 9/11 (video)

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Had this Video sent to me that shows a different take on the official story of Flight 93. This is one of those news items that although was broadcast to the World has since disappeared and not been re-shown. NO evidence of the plane crashing intact into the ground.

In light of the BBC claiming they had LOST all their footage of 911, it is interesting to see that some people can keep an archive themselves on a budget when the corporations with their Billions cannot.

Added: January 09, 2008

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  1. Hey Dandelionsalad,
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Are ther other forums I should put this stuff on for broader exposure and feedback? And possibly better chance of hitting someone that saw it?

  2. I am So So So sorry everybody,
    My source has let me down and the DVDs he had stashed are not the footage I hope for – so my search continues……
    There must be someone with it.
    Especially sorry to dandelionsalad. Rest assured if I get the real thing I will post a link.

  3. I found the footage!
    Just have to convert it to something that YouTube will accept!
    Let’s see what the US have to say about this !!
    No doubt they will use the terms “digitally edited”, doctored blah blah blah….
    I have even hidden a DVD of this and told a few trusted people in the event I get silenced…….

  4. I just google earthed the pentagon and the spot the camera was, would have been on either the Henry Shirley Memorial Highway or Washigton Boulevard or perhaps where they meet just south west of the pentagon.
    Who was there filming?
    Why were they there?
    Why was the footage quality so damned good – it was no mobile phone camer or security camera that’s for sure?
    And what the **** happened to the footage?

  5. I SAW A 757 HIT THE PENTAGON !!!!
    I was glued to the american news chanels shortly after the first plane hit.
    I saw footage taken from what looked like a freeway overpass or something outside the Pentagon perimeter clear as crystal showing even the apprach of this jet for about 300m (with camera panning from left to right) then clearly hitting and disintegrating on the side of the Pentagon.
    It seemed to have been immediately censored [read: silenced] from the news update 15 minutes later.
    I have looked everywhere and spoken to everyone I can about this for years after and never once have I come across the footage again.
    I KNOW it was censored.
    I KNOW I was not imagining things.
    And I cannot believe that someone somewhere did not record this and post it anywhere.

    As a result of my certainty, I believe that hearing Generals say “no plane hit” confirms my conspiracy-conspiracy theory; that this kind of statement fuels conspiracy discussions and therefore distracts from the facts and original evidence, causing polarisation of opinion and leaving everyone not knowing what to believe any more. Kind-a Roswell again but in my lifetime.

    Did anyone see or know someone that saw the footage I saw??

  6. Truth and “reality” can indeed be stranger than fiction, and therefore difficult to swallow. I agree with T.R.’s professional expertise/input and p.o.v. as subject matter expert, having had physics classes myself in high school and university, although I feel there’s no need for profanity to get a scientific point across (although my high school physics teacher was known to occasionally throw an eraser at the inattentive, thereby demonstrating applied science).

    The referenced P.S.A. crash was a DC-9 on final approach to Lindbergh Field, San Diego in 1978. It went into the North Park neighborhood after being struck from below by a small private plane with a flight instructor on board, reportedly instrument training the student at the controls. A very similar accident occurred with an AeroMexico DC-9 (or MD-80) on approach to LAX, on July 4 or Labor Day weekend 1986. It crashed in the residential community of Cerritos. Both events occurred in daylight, in clear weather, but with unusual circumstances (private plane pilot error or incapacitation). The commercial aircraft in these tragedies did not approach anything near the speed of sound at impact, although certainly they were going much faster than in their level flight speed at the time. Comparing these events to United Flight 93 borders on the incredible!

    Millions of Americans, including myself, found it hard to believe the Warren Report on the 1963 murder and assassination of President Kennedy, because the enormity of the crime was such that it begged a conspiracy. It was hard to believe that one sociopathic jerk could pull something like that off. When Jack Ruby shot Oswald, the conspiracy theories really thickened. But I have to look what happened previously and since, to Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley, and to Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy, then nearly to Gerald Ford and Reagan. All this because they are public figures in positions of power and controversial– magnets for individuals with an unquenched psychopathic itch, oedipal grudge or just plain infantile hatred.

    In a larger analogy, America is a most high profile nation, an open and relatively free country, while the WTC Twin Towers, Pentagon, Capitol buildings, etc. are/were high profile symbols of the nation. Al Qaida tried to take down WTC in February 1993, using a van packed with a devil’s brew of explosives, remember? It cratered through four floors of the parking garage, killed six and caused a lot of collateral damage and forced evacuation of both towers, causing many smoke inhalation injuries. A few more feet nearer to one of the main columns, an expert has testified, and the explosion could have caused a catastrophic failure under one WTC tower, causing it to fall into the other tower — at a time of day when the WTC workday was in full swing — can you imagine?

    Fast forward to September 2001, when Al Qaida came back with a far more determined, orchestrated plan, taking advantage of lackadaisical Canadian and U.S. border and airport security, ending up pretty much as planned with the “right” weapons, full fuel loads at 500 mph. My wife woke me up (6:30 a.m. in California), had ABC News on and said a plane had struck one of the Twin Towers. My exact words at the time were “Good Heavens!” I rushed into our family room to watch, and saw the North Tower on fire, billowing smoke out of a huge flaming gash, and oddly sunny, clear skies. Soon after, I watched as the second plane — clearly a commercial sized aircraft — struck the South Tower. I nearly shouted, “That’s no accident, that’s a terrorist act!” While news people on the ground tried to make sense of the whole thing, to me it was patently clear. I watched the 9/11 events unfold, as did millions of others, on the various television networks, and watched helplessly as the towers collapsed — shockingly, but was not surprised. Intense heat from thousands of gallons of burning jet fuel, furniture, carpeting and office materials plus gravity. I have also seen the post 9/11 programs on the architectural pathology of the Towers’ destruction, and the forensic details provided are convincing beyond reasonable doubt.

    Flight 93’s passenger cell phone conversations with loved ones and ground operators speak for themselves, and for the resolve they found to try to do something to thwart the jackals who had murdered and then hijacked the flight. Just my thoughts here, but what the pro-active passengers on UA 93 did that day may have prevented a far more hideous national nightmare, and gave all of us pause to be grateful and come together, to re-identify as Americans.

    There was a conspiracy on 9/11, to be sure, acted out by a handful of assassins full of hate for our freedom, institutions, imperfect foreign policy, and way of life.

    There are those who will Monday-morning quarterback the whole 9/11 thing to death, searching in vain for a smoking thermite grenade or phantom F-16 shootdown. For some individuals, maybe even the Big Bang is a cosmic conspiracy — but that’s another story.

    I don’t mind at all asking questions, digging for answers, as I am very grateful for the freedom to do the same myself. Some people, however, make a career of hanging on to conspiracy theories, and that’s okay too, but let’s see the hard evidence, witness sworn testimonies and hear the tape recordings (as in Watergate). Otherwise, you might as well be whistling Dixie.

  7. Crashsites always have distinguisable debris. P.S.A.
    1986or87 Dec., flight dove straight into the ground, but the engines were found.
    True the debris was small, the crew, and passengers were identified,

  8. I have seen photograps of dozens of plane crashes. A plane is always there. There is luggage, seats, engines, bodies. To me, the best explanation based on the facts is shootdown. The motive for covering up a shootdown is obvious.

  9. TR,

    I’m no physicist. But your Gallagher-style finger-crushing analogy won’t explain the vaporization of the planes that hit the pentagon and crashed into PA.

    Enough carpenters have hit their fingertips full-force, and enough chefs have tenderized meat to know flesh won’t evaporate from the force of a hammer blow.
    You are describing an impact and velocity more appropriate to a meteorite than a plane crash.

    A main problem with this ‘homicide’ site, as you call it, is that no investigation befitting the homicide of an individual let alone an entire plane was ever credibly conducted or published. And yet you believe, and create crack-pot science to prove your points?

    It is not unfounded conspiracy theory to require that the investigation be re-opened, in light of the very serious questions raised by scientists and engineers with clearly far greater acumen than you postulate above.

    The questions about the towers do not surround the pulverization of the occupants, rather they center around the implausible notion that the twin towers, particularly WTC #7, could have conceivably collapsed in the fashion they did, purely from the causes claimed in the NIST report

    (Speaking of which, I’ve not been keeping up with the truther-sites– were we not to have received a supplemental report from the NIST regarding an analysis of #7 back last spring, and did this ever materialize??)

    That thing with the sandpaper, TR, you’re really a bit of a sadist, aren’t ya? As someone who works with abrasives all day, it wasn’t the abrasive nature of the debris that shredded the occupants. I suspect you were closer with the relativity equation before.

    If in fact the very credible questions about the nature of the crashes and the collapses are proven to be valid, then all your attempt at closure for the victims would be a sham, no?

    But conspiracies aside, their deaths were used as pretext for an invasion that is now proven to have based on fraudulent, treasonous intent. This is fact, not fabrication.

    In light of that revelation, I then ask you this:

    1: Is it not plausible that a government who so treasonously lied as a pretext for war, is also capable of conspiracy regarding this terrorist pretext for invading Iraq?

    2: While it’s correct to wish for closure for the victims of terror, what sort of closure could it bring if it’s shown that their loved-one’s deaths were used as a false-flag red-herring for the deaths of over a million Iraqis and 4 thousand troops? I believe it was Loose Change which interviewed a father of a victim who vengefully had his son’s name painted on a missile aimed at iraq, but later grieved that the invasion was pursued for a lie.

    3: Do you believe in the Iraq invasion, did you support it and do you support it now? Do you believe in and support the invasion of Vietnam, regardless of the revelation that the Gulf of Tonkin incident is now shown to be falsified?

    4: Do you acknowledge that governments do create false-flag incidents as pretext for invasions, that the Gulf of Tonkin was one such fabrication, and if so, are you nevertheless refuting the notion that the Bush admin. may have done a similar trick on 911?

    Regardless of who, what, how and why the towers actually came down, I think it’s more of a mainstream opinion at this point that something other than only the planes did it.

    The truthers are not a fringe conspiracy. In light of their convincing positions, the establishment has no choice but to reopen the investigations.

    But this recurring doubt for planes impacting elsewhere do convincingly make a case for reopening investigations there as well, and properly publicizing results and records, which apparently has never been done.

    The fact that such doubt exists for all the events of 911, would imply a broader conspiracy to defraud public perception. As to who why and how, that’s another inquiry. But the physics of the collapses needs to be re-investigated, and the crashes as well.

    (PS I discovered the paragraph problem, if you past into this field from word, it apparently doesn’t compute the paragraphs– gotta go in and add back the spaces!)

  10. no plane crash has ever had 0 or almost 0 debris.
    no skyscraper has ever fallen from fire.
    only Thermite could leave molten metal seen from satelite photos weeks later.
    Only criminals remove all evidence from the scene of the crime.

    you don’t need 1000 words to tell the truth.

  11. T R! Dude! That’s the best refutation of these conspiracy nuts I’ve read yet. People talk about how they’ve never seen a crash site look like that before, or there’s never been a steel frame building pancaking before, and whatnot. Well, there was a crapload of stuff that never happened before on September 11, 2001.

    Nobody ever nosedived a passenger jet at supersonic speeds smack into the Earth before. Nobody ever crashed a fully fueled airliner into a building that was designed like no other building before. Nobody ever flew an airliner at high speed into a concrete structure before.

  12. This goes to confused…how appropriate. For example, if you are in say seat 23c, and the airplane with seat 23c hits the ground at near mach 1.Rows 24,25,26,27, and so on, plus the tail of the plane,along with all the associated structure that is going to consist of aluminum,steel ,titanium,plastics,wood,rubber,and a myriad of other materials, that all have mass or weight, is going to hit you in the back of the head as well as everywhere else. And since we know Force=Mass x Acceleration and that airliners weigh up to several hundred thousand pounds, you will be receiving quite a blow, perhaps enough to kill you !! I know this must be shocking to hear, but those people that just needed to get from point A to point B on that day, perhaps to visit a loved one, or go on vacation,or have a face to face with a business client and tragically had to share the flight with those subhumans that took it over, well they got pulverized, crushed by the extreme G forces of such an event.You can demonstrate this at home using an ordinary hammer.1st place a finger of your choosing that you don’t need all that much on a hard steel surface. An ordinary bench vise will work fine.2nd strike the tip of the chosen finger as hard as you can with the hammer. You’ll note that the finger tip completely disintegrates and will be pulverized mush.Some of the tissue with splat out from the impact and may be stuck on surrounding surfaces. Some of the pieces will in fact be too small to find. It should be noted that the impact velocity of the hammer is much less than that of an airliner at 762 mph or whatever the speed of sound is corrected for temperature, pressure, density altitude and so on at the homicide site on that day.So to directly answer your bewilderment, those people were pulverized, they shared the same fate as the airplane. The people in the Trade Center towers also were pulverized as they rode the crumbling mass of concrete and twisted steel to the ground. The building materials being much stronger than biological tissue were able to act as a sort of rock tumbler against the occupants of the buildings. The steel girders and such while twisted and broken are stronger than human biological tissue, and as such were left in pieces large enough to recognize that they were in fact part of the building structure. Again, a simple experiment demonstrates this. Take a piece of 100 grit sandpaper and start sanding on your flesh. You’ll note that if you keep sanding the sandpaper will keep cutting and grinding and would happily keep cutting into your flesh as long as you keep sanding, it’ll cut through your bone as well. The effluence of such a process will be small sand like particles that if scattered in an area where there is dirt or grass or other particles of similar size(like the impact crater of an airplane crash) will appear to have disappeared. Actually, they are still there and now have created a biohazard of unbelievable proportion. Many fragments of bone and in some cases larger(and I use the term rather loosely here) body fragments, such as a single digit of one persons finger were found at the homicide site. Again tragedy, upon tragedy, these poor folks loved ones were deprived of the closure of being able to grieve with the physical body of their loved one.Worse than all of that though, in my opinion, is the disrespect that these types of discussions show towards those that lost so much on that day. Confused… man you got that right.

  13. TR, ever hear of paragraphs?? Surely all your flight manuals employed them…

    Short of copying this into word to separate your ‘clauses’ into some sort of intelligible argument about decompression zones (relevance of which I can’t seem to locate in the endless morass of un-paragraphed verbiage), suggest you re-analyze your writing, in no place have you explained the disappearance of ALL the debris and bodies.

    You also don’t explain where all these ‘pieces’ which your ‘low pressure zones’ broke off, landed, who found them, and what happened to that news.

    But then if indeed god smited the ‘heathens’ as you call them, then perhaps it all vaporized, leaving only the scar of the divine lightening bolt that wiped it all off the landscape, AMEN!

    Anyworld, unfortunately we have ALL indeed been privy to what a catastrophic plane crash looks like on prime time, and Lockerbee bore no resemblance to this, not even a little bit.

  14. I’m not seeing anything particularly unusual or “telling” about this video. As a pilot I have a better understanding of flight loads on an airframe than some joe schmo with an active imagination that clearly has a bias about the events that day.3-4 mile radius ? By whose measurement ? You say turn off the mainstream media and think and then procede to use a piece of MAINSTREAM MEDIA to concoct some stupid theory.The general public as well as the media have an uncanny ability to misinterpret the physics of airplanes and how they fly.I suspect this footage wasn’t shown all that much because it really doesn’t show shit.The money shot is the huge hole in the ground. My understanding of the flight path near the end was that the aircraft was inverted and diving nearly vertically,and rapidly approaching the speed of sound, if not surpassing it just before impact . Now I can tell you first hand that if you point an airplane nose down it will rapidly pick up speed, especially if you do nothing with the throttles.Airplanes such as this one are made for flight regimes where passengers can sit with a drink on a tray table in front of them. They stray from this comfortable attitude only to climb to their flight levels and maneuver for landing.This aircraft is not designed for aerobatic maneuvers. It also has a clearly defined NEVER EXCEED SPEED. ALL aircraft have a Vne… ALL AIRCRAFT!!! THAT MEANS THIS ONE TOO ! GET IT?!?!?!?! Furthermore, it is definately not designed for negative G maneuvers(read that upside down).Again it’s quite common knowledge in the aviation community that THAT”S HOW YOU BREAK A FUCKIN’ AIRPLANE !!!!! Also don’t be surprised if before you hit the ground that you may loose parts before you get there.If a piece of the plane departed the airframe at that speed just before impact it’s definately going to flit and fly around do to the unstable nature of what is now just a piece of debris.It’s not hard to imagine a landing gear door or any number of parts on the wing or fuselage or tail surfaces such as one of the many pieces of the flaps ,ailerons, spoilers, baggage doors,access hatches ,engine access hatches , ground communication access hatches, etc.etc.etc. that would be experiencing flight loads for which they were not designed could and would come off the aircraft when you mistreat the equipment in this manner.If you understand how an airplane flies in the first place you would know that lower pressure zones exist over various parts of the airframe,particularly but not limited to the wing.This low pressure zone creates what we call lift little boys and girls.(honestly how pedantic must I get,I mean,look what promted this discussion) Now ,with the airplane flying upside down and all around and going faster than it was designed, these low pressure areas will move about the airframe and react against something that was not designed or otherwise would never have seen these types of loads(negative pressures) if the people, I mean heathens, flying the plane gave two shits about wether they broke something on it or not .I mean hey,if it’s not your $150 million plane and ‘ya got no plans on landing anyway, you probably don’t care if you fly it in such a way that ends up putting deep scratches in the paint that won’t buff out. Is this simple enough for you??? If not try breaking the Prozac or whatever medication that your on in half and do something a little more meaningful with your time. You paranoid conspiracy theorists are so pathetic it’s no wonder this will be my first and last time perusing shit like this.The sun rises in the east and you pukes gotta make up some wild explanation for it. I mean jesus H christ on a popsicle stick .What is wrong with the human condition where one group of people perform such heinous act that accomplishes nothing good for humankind and another group interprets it in such a fucked up way.The only satisfaction is knowing that people who think this way are hurting themselves psychologically which will manifest itself in health problems due to the stress of this type of paranoia in thinking up this kind of shit, and will probably enjoy an ealier death thereby ridding the rest of us OF HAVING TO LISTEN TO IT !!!

  15. “Sounds like a shootdown or an explosion.”

    I take it you have a dozen or so years as a crash scene investigator to back that up. I for one am willing to admit that I have absolutely no idea what an airplane crash scene is supposed to look like, or whether debris spread over a 3-4 mile radius would be unusual.

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