Kucinich v.s Obama & Clinton + The Ballad of Dennis Kucinich (videos)

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say they are for change however they support many policies of the Bush administration.

Kucinich 08′

January 09, 2008

The Ballad of Dennis Kucinich


Music video of “The Ballad of Dennis Kucinich”
by Al Hidalgo : ©2007 Al Hidalgo

“The Ballad of Dennis Kucinich”

Cleveland, 1978
Money-hungry ploys
devised to intimidate the city’s Mayor-boy.
“Hand over that power company now
or we’ll bankrupt your town!”
Well only a coward would cave into cynics
and Dennis Kucinich did never back down
Dennis Kucinich did never back down.

Washington, post 9-11
The President deceives
us into a war for oil with no intent to leave.
But there was one, a giant among
the few who stood their ground.
“Well, I won’t believe you no matter how you spin it,”
said Dennis Kucinich who never backs down
Dennis Kucinich would never back down.

“First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you,
finally they fight you,
and then you win…”

America, 2008
What are we to choose?
Four more years of blood and hate,
the earth’s destruction too?
Well I’m voting for peace to make poverty cease
there’s enough wealth to go around.
Well I’m not gonna stop not even for a minute
for Dennis Kucinich I’ll never back down
for Dennis Kucinich I will never back down
for Dennis Kucinich we will never back down…

©2007 Al Hidalgo



(Koo-sin-ich Re-mix) Dennis 4 Michigan Version (video)