Homeland Security to press ahead with Real ID by Anne Broache

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by Anne Broache
Jan. 11, 2008

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Friday plans to take the next step in getting its controversial Real ID plan off the ground, despite opposition from numerous states and privacy groups.

At a midday press conference in Washington, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is scheduled to take the wraps off final regulations for the electronic identification card mandate and to make another pitch for the scheme’s perceived importance in keeping Americans safe from terrorist threats.

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8 thoughts on “Homeland Security to press ahead with Real ID by Anne Broache

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  6. Thanks for your comments, Devon and James.

    It’s another outrageous assault on our civil rights/privacy.

    Devon, it’s a statistical thing, younger people tend to do more criminal acts than older people. And no, you are not a criminal just because you are young.

  7. We must fight, everyday they try to get us rounded up like sheep, to sheer our Freedoms,we must come together as a Group and tear up their plans for the newworld order

  8. Why do they see us as criminals? CNN reported this morning before I went to work that everyone born over a certain date (1965 i think) is required to get a real ID by 2011, and those born after that date, is required by 2018.

    They said the reason is that older people are most likely not criminals. WHY DO THEY I AM A CRIMINAL?

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