Mokhiber Assails William Kristol & the NY Times (video)

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On Friday, Jan. 11, 2008, Russell Mokhiber, who’s the editor of the “Corporate Crime Reporter,” led a demonstration in front of the New York Time’s office, in Washington, D.C. It was directed at the insufferable War Hawk, William Kristol. He has recently been hired by the NYT, as an Op ED Page pundit. The rally centered on a severely wounded Iraq War vet, Tomas Young. A bullet shattered his spine and paralyzed him “from the waist down.” Mr. Young was featured in Phil Donahue’s film, “Body of War.” In a very moving article for Counterpunch on Jan. 9, 2008, Mr. Mokhiber, after reviewing the movie, underscored the need to protest Kristol and the NY Times.

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2 thoughts on “Mokhiber Assails William Kristol & the NY Times (video)

  1. I really owe my political activism and interest in politics to Phil Donahue. I used to watch the show because my mom had it on after school when I was a kid back in the 60’s! Ralph Nader was a frequent guest as well as Senators and Congressmen/women. Later the show was moved to mornings and when I was in college I would tape the show to watch later, that’s how much I enjoyed Donahue.

  2. I have grown to despise the NY Times.

    It’s time to expose the times for what it it really is, a right-wing, zionist, faux-intellectual rag. While it once may have been the quintessential hard-news source, it’s now really a waste of paper, or worse, disinformation!

    The times is for upper-left side secretive war-mongering zionists who like to think they’re intellectuals reading that rag over their lox, bagels and river-side drive views. It’s a sham. People should renounce their stupid subscriptions at once and save some trees!

    You can get much of the times online for free, likely only to know what NOT to read and believe!

    The NY times lead the media on the march to war. No amount of belated bush-bashing in the blogs can ever repair that war-crime.

    The times categorically IGNORED the Kucinich Impeachment bill, except in some mocking reference in the marginal silly gossip-blog called the Lede. They reported nothing about the questions over 911, except in the same silly dismissive blog in mockery. They report NONE of the anti-war demonstrations, did not even carry the stories.

    Can you believe the Times had guards around the recycle bins at Grand Central Station to be sure people wouldn’t re-read discarded papers, and had to buy new ones? Only in NYC.

    I’m so glad for the internet news revolution, so we’re never again relegated to reading the NY times!

    I want to see Donahue’s movie, I wish they’d put him back on the air, never had any interest in him till he got booted for questioning the war.

    Those guys demonstrating and demanding Kristol-nacht see what his gratuitous warmongering has so senselessness wrought, those are some great people. I’m glad to have seen this, gave me a boost!

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