Alex Jones Interview: Dennis Kucinich demands recount (videos)

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Alex Jones interviews Dennis Kucinich.

Congressman Kucinich stated that the huge disparity which Hillary Clinton overturned to defeat Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary was a “mystery that needs to be solved” as he leads the charge for a recount to ascertain exactly how the pollsters could have got it so wrong, or if vote fraud took place.…

January 11, 2008


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14 thoughts on “Alex Jones Interview: Dennis Kucinich demands recount (videos)

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  3. MFV so agree about unconventional thinkers & underwhelmed voters. My feeling is the time has finally come to be politically incorrect & stick our necks out. We are already classified as lunatics by media anyway. Being heard on Alex Jones is sure a lot better than being ignored for 99% of a debate with the Dems. Or laughed at by the corporate mainstream media. A libertarian gun totin’/ end war AJ beats the Hell out of Rush or a cabal of chicken profiteering war hawks killing people all over the world. Janet, felt the same as you when I first opened the video….yikes!….Dennis on AJ!….then remembered Dennis is friend with Ron Paul….questions 9/11….so wants to end war.

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  5. Oh boy. I’d better keep my mouth shut about this subject, but I believe that was a serious tactical error of DK’s campaign to have anything to do with AJ.



  6. I’m actually shocked more radicals aren’t talking about this seriously. So few liberals seem to be supporting Hillary, compared with the army of Barack Obama supporters I see. On the Republican side its even shadier; like him or not, Ron Paul has more than 10% support, especially in states that let independents vote.

    We’re at a point now where lies and corruption influence every sector of our society–from the reporting of news to the creation of laws. If lawmakers & journalists are so easily persuaded by corporate money, why should we assume computer programmers or even vote counters are any different?

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  8. Let The Truth Be Told!

    Nice of AJ to throw Dennis a bone– (but then he had ta throw in the gun-totin’ militia mania didn’t he? Gotta love Texans! Glad ya put in that link, Lo, I miss those old blogs! Good you kept them archived…)

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