Frost over the World: Asif Zardari & Ruth Lea (video)

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With the election now postponed until February Asif Ali Zadari, Benzair Bhutto’s husband, joins Sir David to discuss what the future holds for Pakistan and the grieving for his late wife.
Ruth Lea, economist, analyses the implications of oil reaching the $100 per barrel mark.

Added: January 12, 2008

2 thoughts on “Frost over the World: Asif Zardari & Ruth Lea (video)

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  2. Dandi,
    How sad for Pakistan, the people are left to vote for 1 same man.
    Ms. Lea, hit an important point, and briefly stated the crisis belongs to the “money Authority”. Weasel’s behind a desk, controlling y/our lives with a flick of a pen. Proof the pen is mightier than the Sword, as long as it is conected to the money resourse.

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