Is Chris Matthews A Hypocrite? Will NBC Let Kucinich Debate? (video)

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MSNBC is airing ridiculous piece of propaganda in the form of a Chris Matthews commercial where the pundit says that politics at its best is about gutsy people with ideas and “those who watch get to decide who is right”.

Unfortunately, NBC recently changed its own rules in order to kick Rep. Dennis Kucinich out of the upcoming January 15th debate in Las Vegas.

Is NBC’s parent company GE afraid that Kucinich’s anti-war message could hurt its bottom line? And is Chris Matthews a hypocrite?

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Added: January 13, 2008


(212) 664-4444 and ask for the Comment Line
Subject Line: Let Dennis Debate

Howard Dean and the
Democratic National Committee
(202) 863 8000

h/t: ManilaRyceTLM


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8 thoughts on “Is Chris Matthews A Hypocrite? Will NBC Let Kucinich Debate? (video)

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  2. Dandi,
    Cornered by Dollars, who will continue the spending upon,
    death and destruction, thats who the sponsor are betting on.

    Turn Off, Tune Out, Refuse.
    Vote by absentee Ballot, no morph test thuggery, or cage.
    No count ? ?
    Nothing beats a failure, except a try.

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  5. Let me just say:

    Yous guys are awesome for putting this together.

    Matty is such a fast-talking schlime!

    I am going to work hard to keep my heart from breaking while watching a political assassination in slow motion. I survive this solely because you both and Dennis are putting up resistance.

    For what it’s worth, please be assured, there is at least one other person alive who sees what you are doing, and I am grateful. (But beyond that I can make no claims).

    Thank you for saving me from implosion…

  6. No doubt here about Matthews being a hypocrite. And I was in the PC too! Yet heard recently that Olberman ( a real voice I thought) has upped him in control & Matthews is not happy about it. Olberman may be our hope against corporate media & possibly the best target for enforcing free speech.

  7. NBC/MSNBC, GE, Chris Mattews speak with forked tongue!

    “A lie is withholding the truth from someone who has a right to it.” What does that make you?

    You are withholding the truth, represented by Dennis Kucinich, from We the People who have a right to it. This is undemocratic, unamerican, and contemptible!

    Let him be heard. Let us hear.

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