Compassion and Fight: The Personality of Dennis Kucinich By Joel Wendland

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By Joel Wendland

Detroit, Mich. – Dennis Kucinich can’t get a fair shake, say his supporters. The media ignore him and the Democratic Party is unhappy with his insurgent candidacy. Corporate media are more interested in the personalities and maneuvers of the front-running candidates, turning minor incidents into big stories.

Just this past week NBC announced that despite meeting their earlier criteria for participation in the next presidential debate – finishing fourth in national polling – Kucinich will be excluded from Tuesday night’s forum.

This inexplicable decision has his supporters in an uproar and sending thousands of e-mails to the media giant.

In a campaign stop in Michigan last Friday, the Cleveland-area representative seemed undaunted, however. Before an enthusiastic crowd of activist supporters, Kucinich showed a side to his personality and candidacy rarely portrayed in the media.

Humor, compassion, and a deep sense of morality were on display. In his opening, along with his standard themes of universal health care, ending corporate control of US political and social life, ending free trade policies, a green revolution, and the like, Kucinich called for reclaiming “a deep sense of the basic principles that we feel as a nation – fairness, compassion, courage, and brotherhood and sisterhood.”


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