Corporate Media Controlling the Vote (vid; action alert) (updated)

Updated: Jan 14, 2008 9:07 PM CT

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MSNBC has chosen to keep Dennis Kucinich out of the January 15th debate after originally inviting him to participate. Join me in demanding that the corporate-owned media give Americans a real choice and let all candidates be heard.

Call & e-mail NBC and the Democratic National Committee ASAP!

– 50 thousand phone calls and 100 thousand emails in 3 days!

PHONE NBC- 212 664 4444
phone often.
email them @

PHONE the DNC: 202 863 8000

email them through their website

January 14, 2008



As an American citizen, and thereby a stakeholder in the publicly owned airwaves, I demand that MSNBC allow Dennis Kucinich to participate in the January 15th debate.

MSNBC has no right to decide for the American people who the next President will be. By keeping Kucinich out of the debate, MSNBC is telling Americans that he is not viable. That is not true. It is up to Americans to decide who the President will be when they go to the ballot box. The decision by MSNBC to exclude Kucinich is an insult to Americans and a blow to democracy.

Kucinich is the only candidate who voted consistently against the war and against funding the war–the only one who offers a not-for-profit healthcare system and wants to get the U.S. out of NAFTA and the WTO. The American people deserve to hear these viewpoints on the issues. It is our duty and responsibility as citizens to choose the next President from among all the candidates. MSNBC has no right to arbitrarily narrow the field. Kucinich’s campaign is partially funded by taxpayer money through FEC matching funds. He is an official, viable candidate and I demand that MSNBC let him debate.

If Kucinich is kept out of the debate, MSNBC will have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the rights of American citizens and an anti-democratic influence over the electoral process.

This isn’t really about Kucinich–or Gravel or Paul or Hunter or any one candidate that has been excluded from the debates. It’s about corporate media controlling who the next President will be. If this doesn’t alarm you–if you’re not disturbed by the reality that corporate executives are stealing democracy from your hands–then perhaps they’ve already won.

I, for one, have not given up yet. I’m calling MSNBC and the DNC and demanding that Kucinich be allowed to participate. I still have to believe that we can make the United States a country to be proud of again. Let’s begin by reaffirming what it means to be a democracy. Let’s dispel the myth that to become President you have to sell out to corporate interests.

Come on, MSNBC and Howard Dean–let’s give Americans a real choice. Let them hear ALL the candidates.


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