Kucinich Weekly Update 01.14.08 “David v. Goliath” (video)

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Episode 15, Dennis Kucinich Weekly Update for January 14th, 2008
Please join us for the latest developments! It’s a wild ride for the Dennis Kucinich Presidential Campaign. This week, we’ll find out about ABC (Disney) and NBC’s (General Electric) combined efforts to quash the voice of Political dissent. Melissa Etheridge sits in for an in depth interview on the efforts to silence the progressive viewpoint in American Politics. Voter frustration is at a boil in reaction to Corporate media’s attack on free speech with their concerted effort to exclude the choice of Congressman Kucinich from the 2008 presidential election. We’ll share with you extensive footage from the campaign trail as we follow the Candidate from New Hampshire to communities all over Michigan.

Comedian Rick Overton makes a special appearance to help us re-learn how to vote with paper ballots, using a voting booth used in the Broward county, Florida election of 2000.
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Find out more about this amazing and courageous Presidential Candidate by logging on to Dennis4President.com/home)

This episode also features a new song by Alex Arndt, “Strength Through Peace”! see: Alex Arndt: Strength Through Peace (music video)

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Alex Arndt: Strength Through Peace (music video)

Judge says MSNBC must include Kucinich by Andrew Malcolm + OK’d for debate, appeal planned + video (updated)


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