Democratic Debate in NV 1-15-08 (videos)

I don’t think I’m going to bother watching but for those who want to watch, here are the videos, complete without commercial interruption. Thanks to researchchris2. ~ Lo

Dandelion Salad


heckler at the beginning


Breaking the Sound Barrier: Kucinich Answers Debate Questions (video)

Judge says MSNBC must include Kucinich + OK’d for debate, appeal planned + video + DK Excluded (updated)

Kucinich: Evidence Undercuts Bush’s Rhetoric On Iran

2008 election charade: White House bought by big money by Larry Chin

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Wed. Jan 16, 2008, National Call-In Day for Impeachment (action alert)

Gravel: Bomb the Guantanamo Bay & Abu Ghraib Prisons (videos)

Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate On Tuesday + Protesting exclusion (videos)



2 thoughts on “Democratic Debate in NV 1-15-08 (videos)

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  2. Dandi,
    I thought that one of these was running for president,
    real issuse, skeleton’s and all, that one, will set a precedent.

    I didn’t see Kucinich, or Chris Dodd,
    People, you can thank, the D.N.C. god.

    If “We the People..”, don’t get it by now,
    “our” choices made for the Holier than thou.

    The litimus test should not be of religions
    no, true Constitutional law, and Patriotism.

    Evict all Incumbents in 2008,
    A Third Party is needed to Investigate.

    One man can not do this alone,
    the grass roots start at your home.

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