Is Bush preparing the world for another USS Liberty? by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Jan. 16, 2008

Following the Tonkin copycat incident in the Strait of Hormuz for which the Pentagon fell over itself, in its hurried attempt to tell the world about the nefarious regimes (Iran not US) attempts to provoke a third world war by loitering menacingly close to the US Fleet.

Of course the world would not see the absurdity of 5 little speedboats threatening world peace by aggressively provoking those innocent US nuclear and chemical armed battleships that were harmlessly going about their business of trespassing into Iranian waters to parade their WMD’s in Ahmedinajad’s face.

However now that the US Navy has retracted the allegation that Iran has harassed the US warships probably due to the blatancy of just how ridiculous they appeared in the eyes of the whole planet Bush, although still adamant that the incident represented a threat to the planet, has now decided to prepare us for something of far more significance than the 5 little boats farce and his language heralds the possibility of another much more serious and major event.

Bush said he would hold Iran responsible if American ships were attacked in the Gulf, he also threatened that serious consequences will await Iran if their forces confront US warships in the Persian Gulf.

This kind of language is that expected of someone setting up another event and we may be faced with the possibility of an incident on par with the USS Liberty of June 8 1967. It would come as no surprise that such an occurrence could indeed unfold. It would certainly be expected that the White House Coop could be capable of such a sinister and devious tactic.

Given that Afghanistan allegedly hid a terrorist that we never found who Bush accused of being behind 911, Iraq allegedly hid WMDs that we never found and also aided the Afghan troglodyte to carry out 911, North Korea allegedly printed fake $100 dollar bills that we found no evidence of, Is it any surprise that any of the accusations levied against Iran have all been found to be false war mongering exercises.

Now the US troops may have a far more serious enemy to worry about in the battlefield. Their own government.


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19 thoughts on “Is Bush preparing the world for another USS Liberty? by Trevor Murphy

  1. Gosh, I still don’t know what happened to your comment. Very strange indeed.

    Thanks for your research on this topic, and in advance for posting a link to your latest review.


  2. Yeah, that was a wierd screen and never saw it before. I thought you didn’t like me or something (I’m such a sensitive person).

    Those photos need to be seen by EVERYONE! People need to hand them out on street corners.

    The Zionist rats are the reason we are in Iraq killing innocents and have such an idiot traitor for president. In case you don’t know we’ve promised Israel a oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Haifa. I am in the middle of some research on the status of this pipeline.

    America is so torqued-up over race issues, we have blinders affixed to our heads. America needs to wake up to these people and their little games. Big-time.

    I’ll put you a link to my review once I publish it. Ten-four.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your comment here. That’s the first time it’s happened that I’m aware of. Many times comments get sent to my Spam folder but eventually I find them and de-spam them. Have no idea what happened to your’s.

    Hopefully the use of the photos will be OK on your blog post.

    Let me know about your review, I’d like to read it.


  4. Yes. I wrote out this big reply and when I submitted it, I got this white screen with “discarded” in the upper left. Kinda bummed me out. Not in the mood for much typing now. Yes, my pix come from Liberty people — and you will notice the gov. USN # in many of them.

    I suppose the government will use that against me in my kangaroo trial one day. lol.

    Anyways, I’m with you on Bush and I have a big review coming up on Bugliosi’s new book. Stay tuned.

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  11. First I would like to thank Lo for the forum. I read all the time and this is my first ever comment.

    This current course of rhetoric is like an out of control locomotive and truthfully I don’t even know who the engineer is anymore. The U.S….Israel…Unical? While all this nonsense is going on we are left to be American. Being American is not what it used to be. I come from a long line of veterans. I myself served as well. I am fully aware that one has to make his own way in life. The problem is that the American way of life is a huge, knotted thread coursing right through of all this hoo-haa.

    This whole place has gone shit-house mad and the true lunatics are running the asylum. Meanwhile the average Joe (or Jane) can’t catch a break to save their lives. We could solve this problem…mother nature might solve it for us.

    What’s the Revolutionary “blue-print”? Who is the leader? Me? Certainly not some of my neighbors. Definetly not my family they voted for Bush! There is the guy I see one the bus everyday…he’d take to the streets…but he’s on Social Security so there would be a conflict of interest. When it comes down to it, the only way to do it is to strike. Everyone in America needs to just once and for all stop working. Not for a day or a week but until a competent leader emerged. We could draft a new Declaration & Constitution moddled on the old of course but with simple and easy words that the average person could understand. Words that are infallable and unchangeable; sighting a list of things that are free. For example: energy, food, shelter and healthcare,…successfully dissolving all corporations.

    Think about that. If every corporation that has ANYTHING to do with those four staples of society were dissolved, the world would be a MUCH better place.



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