Kucinich Vows to Fight for Changes to FCC Law

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Submitted by Julie on January 15, 2008 – 10:16pm

Just minutes after the Nevada Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision to force NBC to honor their initial invitation for Dennis Kucinich to participate in the Demoratic debates Tuesday evening, effectively barring him from joining the debate, Kucinich joined a small band of his supporters in a far corner of the Cashman Center parking lot. Ever the fighter, Kucinich decried the decision as pandering to big business, and vowed to fight to change FCC regulations.

“The fact of the matter is, NBC is owned by General Electric. General Electric makes power plants. General Electric wants to make sure there is a place to dump the waste,” said Kucinich.

In speaking of “waste”, Kucinich was referring to nuclear waste and the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dumpsite northwest of Las Vegas. Kucinich believes that GE is keeping him off the air because he joined the state in opposing the dump.

“Now the media has become an issue in this campaign by trying to determine who should be in this debate,” continued Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich vowed that he will fight for changes to Federal Communications Commssion (FCC) law to ensure future candidates don’t suffer from the same discriminatory practices as he has, and can participate in debates.

“This underlying corruption is something that undermines our democracy. I’m asking you to continue our efforts to stand up and speak,” said the Cleveland congressman.

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