News Media Succeeds In Being Allowed To Pick Winner Of 2008 Election

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Special Report by the Curative Youth News Team
January 15, 2008

The Democratic Voters Have Lost Their Right To Select Their Nominee

As 18 year olds prepare to vote for the first time, they now learn that the Democratic Party has handed over the determination of its nominee to the mass media and stripped the Democratic voters of their right to choose their nominee.

Stunned voters want to know why the Democratic Party allows ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and NPR to falsify information about the candidates to the point of causing voters to believe candidates running for President have dropped out of the race.  MSNBC has a link directly to Hillary Clinton’s website.  ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and NPR are all telling the voters of Michigan that nobody on the Michigan Presidential ballot besides Hillary Clinton is still running for President.  This is a flat out lie.  Two other candidates on the Michigan ballot, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, are still in the race.  The news media’s false information resulted in a low Democratic turnout in Michigan and substantial voter confusion, today.


h/t: Dennis Kucinich for President (Official)

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2 thoughts on “News Media Succeeds In Being Allowed To Pick Winner Of 2008 Election

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  2. Hi there,

    Well, if the American people weren’t so darn lazy and apathetic, we wouldn’t be here. We did this to ourselves. It’s officially hell. It’s going to get worse if Clinton of ANY repub wins. Way worse.

    This is outrageous. But, I doubt anything will be done about it. It’s too late. But, let’s keep up the good fight anyway. Expecting a miracle.

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